My Library


My Ever Expanding Escape Routes

My Library consists of books that I have collected over the years. If I find someone giving away books I graciously say yes, I would love to have them! My collection holds upwards of 16,000 books.  I hold on tight to short stories, plays, books that I use for reasearch and multiple copies of books for book groups.

If you have any escape route books, big or small, young or old, that you would like to offer to my ever-expanding collection, please drop me an email at and I would be more than happy to adopt them. I will pick them up free of charge and pack them myself. I am not picky. I feel that if a book is lucky enough to have gotten published, then it deserves to be read.” Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you.

ALSO NOTE:  Because I give so much to the community and the people I spend my time with, selling books helps to supplement that income. Besides, I cannot possibly store all of the books I receive. The following list are the ones I have available for purchase. If you would like to purchase a book, click on the link at the top The Mobile Reader Ebay or drop me an email at or call me at 603-978-7075. If you do not see it listed, I may still have what you are looking for. I will deliver locally. 

In addition, at certain times of the year I gift books. If I am at a marketing event I hand out free books. At Christmas time I wrap books in wrapping paper and give them to members of my audience, whether they are adults or children.

Hardcovers, Paperbacks and Audio A-D

AAA - Spain (PB)

Abbott, Hailey - Last Summer (PB)

Abbott, PhD R. Tucker - Seashells of the World (PB)

Abel, Lionel - The Intellectual Follies (PB) 

Ackerman, Diane - An Alchemy of Minds (PB)

Acocella, Joan - Twenty-Eight Artists and Two Saints (HC) 

Adams, Henry - The Education of Henry Adams (PB)

Adams, Lorraine - Harbor (PB)

Adichie, Chimamanda Ngozi - Half of a Yellow Sun (PB) (2)

Adoff, Arnold Edited by - City in All Directions (PB)

Agatston, Arthur, MD - The South Beach Diet (HC)

Agatston, Arthur, MD -  The South Beach Diet Cookbook (HC) 

Akunin, Boris - The Winter Queen (HC)

Alarcon, Pedro Antonio De - El Sombrero De Tres Picos Y Otros Cuentos (HC) (Spanish)

Albom, Mitch - the five people you meet in heaven (HC) 

Albright, Harry - Pearl Harbor: Japan's Fatal Blunder (HC)

Alcot, Louisa May - Little Women (HC)

Alexander, Michael - Hogarth's Times [Edited by] (HC)

Allegro, J. M. - The Dead Sea Scrolls (PB)

Allen, Hervey - Action at Aquila (HC) 

Allen, Sarah Addison - First Frost (PB) 

Allingham, Margery - Mr. Campion and Others (PB)

Allyn, W.G. - Welch Allyn: An American Success Story (HC)

Alpert, Hollis - The Dreams and the Dreamers; Adventures of a Professional Moviegoer (HC) 

Ambrose, Marty - Peril in Paradise (HC) 

Ambrosi, Hans - Where the Great German Wines Grow; A Guide to the Leading Vineyards (HC) 

American Brands, Inc. - The American Revolution Three Views (HC)

American Girl - School Smarts Projects (PB)

American Heritage - Book of Great Historic Places (HC)

American Heritage February 1960 (HC)

American Heritage December 1965 (HC)

American Heritage Lot of 5 1959 (HC)

American Heritage Lot of 5 1966 (HC)

American Heritage - The American Heritage History of WWI & WWII (HC) (2 Book Set)

Amis, Martin - Yellow Dog (HC)

Amory, Mark - The Letters of Evelyn Waugh (HC) 

Anaya, Rudolfo - Zia Summer (HC) 

Anderson, Kurt - Turn of the Century (PB)

Anderson, Robert L. - Cooperville Cathedral: The Story of Northminster (HC)

Andrews, Bryce - Basluck Way (PB)

Andrews, Jean - A+ Guide to Hardware (HC)

Appel, Frederic C. - Understanding Your Body (HC)

Aramco World, Jan/Feb 1999 (Magazine)

Archer, Jeffrey - A Prisoner of Birth (HC)

Architectural Digest (1998) Set of 12

Arden, Jann - Feeding My Mother (HC)

Armando, MP - Suenos Vivencias Y Pensamientos (PB)

Armour, Richard - It all Started With Stones and Clubs (HC) 

Armstrong, Margaret - Trelawny (HC) 

Arthur, Burt - Two-Gun Outlaw (PB)

Asch, Sholem - East River (PB)

Ash, Timothy Garton - Free World (HC)

Asimov, Isaac - Fantastic Voyage (PB)

Asimov, Isaac - The End of Eternity (PB)

Asquith, Cynthia Edited by - The Princess Elizabeth Gift Book (HC)

Atkinson, Rick - The Long Gray Line (HC)

Auel, Jean M. - The Mommoth Hunters (HC)

Avallone, Michael - There is something about a dame "Ed Moon Mystery" (PB) (Signed) 

Awbrey, David S. - Finding Hope in the Age of Melancholy (HC)

Backhouse, Janet - The Linoisfarne Gospels (HC) 

Baggett, Nancy - The All-American Cookie Book (HC)

Baker, Peter - The Breach (HC)

Baldacci, David - Stone Cold (HC) 

Baldacci, David - The Camel Club (PB) (2)

Baldacci, David - The Christmas Train (HC)

Baldwin, Alec - Nevertheless (HC) 

Baldwin, Neil - Edison (PB)

Ballard, Michael - A Long Shadow (HC) 

Ballard, Mira & David Hawley - A Bowl of Red (PB) (Signed) 

Balogh, Mary - Slightly Tempted (HC)

Banks, Russell - Affliction (HC) 

Barbery, Muriel - The Elegance of the Hedgehog (PB)

Barca, Don Pedro Calderon De La - El Gran Teatro Del Mundo Y La Dama Duende (HC) Spanish

Barclay, Linwood - Sin Una Palabra (Spanish)

Barclay, Linwood - A Noise Downstairs (PB)

Barker, Ernest - British Statesmen (HC) 

Barnes, Julian - Flaubert's Parrot (PB)

Barnes, Kim - In the Wilderness (HC) 

Barnett, Rich - The Discreet Charms of a Bourgeois Beach Town (PB) 

Barney, Rex - Rex Barney's Thank Youuuu (HC) 

Baroloni, Antonio - A Long Madness (HC)

Barrie, J.M. - Margaret Ogilvy by her Son (HC) 

Barrow, George Lennox - The Round Towers of Ireland (HC)

Barry, Dave & Alan Zweibel - Lunatics (PB (Signed)

Barth, John - Goat-Boy (HC)

Barth, John - The Sot-Weed Factor (HC)

Barton, Del Barton - A Good Day to Die (HC) 

Bartoy, Mitchell - The Devil's Own Rag Doll (HC) 

Bass, Warren - Support Any Friend (HC) 

Batchelor, John Calvin - American Falls (HC)

Bay, Mel -Guitar Method Grade 1 (PB)

Bazin, Germain - A History of Art (HC)

Beach, Edward L. - Dust on the Sea (PB)

Beach, Mark - Papers for Printing (PB)

Bean, Orson - Me and the Orgone (HC) 

Beattie, Ann - Another You (PB) (ARC)

Beatty, Jack - The Rascal King (HC) 

Beck, Rachel - Plainverse: For People Who Can't Stand Obscure Poetry (HC) (Signed) 

Becthnk Russian American Bi-Weekly Magazine 2003-2005 Lot of 63

Bedford, Annie North - Walt Disney’s Peter Pan and Wendy (HC)

Beecher, John - To Live and Die in Dixie & Other Poems (HC) (Signed)

Behrens, Peter - The Law of Dreams (PB)

Belden, Thomas and Marva - The Lenghtening Shadow (HC) 

Bell, Chip R. - Managing Knock Your Socks Off Service (PB)

Bellin, Andy - Poker Nation (PB)

Bellow, Saul - Collected Stories (PB)

Bencriscutto. Frank & Hal Freese Total Musicianship (Clarinet) (PB)

Benteen, John - Sundance #14 War Party (PB) 

Bentley, Eric - The Playwright as Thinker (HC) 

Bentlry, Joanne - Hallie Flanagan; A Life in the American Theatre (HC)

Berendt, John - The City of Falling Angels (HC)

Berg, Elizabeth - Open House (HC) 

Berger, Meyer - The Story of the New York Times 1851-1951 (HC)

Berger, Thomas - Killing Time (HC) 

Bergreen, Laurence - James Agee; A Life (HC) 

Berkow, Ira - The Man Who Robbed The Pierre (HC) 

Bernard, Bruce - Vincent by himself (HC) 

Bernau, George - Black Phoenix (PB) (ARC)

Bernhardt, William - Double Jeopardy (HC)

Bernhardt, William - Strip Search (HC)

Bernier, Oliver - Lafayette (HC)

Berry, Steve - The Venetian Betrayal (HC) (2)

Best, Herbert - Young'un (HC) 

Betancourt, Ingrid - Cartas a mama desde el infierno (PB) Spanish

Betjeman, John - A Ring of Bells (HC) 

Better Homes and Gardens - 301 Stylish Storage Ideas (Magazine)

Better Homes and Gardens - Decorating with Personal Style (HC)

Bicknell, Franklin - The English Complaint (HC) 

Bikerman, J.J. - The Science of Adhesive Joints (HC)

Bingham, Hiram - Lost City of the Incas (PB)

Birren, James E. - Where to Go from Here (HC) 

Black, Benjamin - Elegy for April (PB)

Black & Decker - The Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair 

Blackmore, Jeanne C. - How Does Sleep Come? (HC)

Blackmur, L.L. - The Circle of Mynnia (HC) 

Blair, Jr., Clay - Silent Victory (HC) 

Blais, Marie-Claire - The Day is Dark & Two Travelers 2 (1HC) (1HC NoD/J)

Blanco, Fierro - The Journey of the Flame (HC) 

Blatty, William Peter - I, Billy Shakespeare! (HC) 

Blay, John - The Civil War, After the Civil War (2 Book Set) (HC)

Blewitt, Mary - Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen (HC)

Blinn, Johna - Fabulous Oriental Recipes (Magazine)

Bloch, Robert - The Best of Frederick Brown Edited by (HC)

Block, Lawrence, Edited by - Manhattan Noir (PB)

Bloom, Edward A., - The Order of Poetry (PB)

Blossom, Laurel - What's Wrong (HC)

Blume, Judy - Smart Women (HC) 

Boardroom Classics - The Big Black Book (HC)

Bock, Dennis - Olympia (HC) 

Bock, Dennis - The Ash Garden (HC) (Signed)

Bock, Dennis - The Communist's Daughter (HC) (Signed) 

Bodansky, Yossef  - Bin Laden, The Man Who Declared War on America (PB) 

Bogan, Louise - Selected Criticism (HC)

Bohjalian, Chris - Skeletons at the Feast (HC) 

Bohjalian, Chris - The Double Bind (HC) 

Boller, Paul F., Jr. & John George - They Never Said It (HC) 

Bonechi - ROME (English) (PB)

Bonner, Cindy - Looking After Lily (PB) (ARC)

Bonsal, Philip W. - Cuba, Castro, and the United States (HC)

Booker, Christopher - The Neophiliacs (PB) 

Booth, Edwin - Boot Heel Range (PB)

Borgmann, Dmitri A. - Beyond Language (HC)

Bowen, Catherine Drinker - Francis Bacon the Templar of a Man (HC)

Bowen, Gail - A Killing Spring (HC)

Bowman, John S. Edited by - The Civil War (HC)

Boylan, Eleanor - Pushing Murder (HC) 

Boyle, Andrew - The Fourth Man (PB)

Boyne, Walter J. - Clash of Titans (HC)

Braddon, Russell - Roy Thomson of Feet Street-and how he got there (HC) 

Bradfield, Scott - The History of Luminous Motion (HC)

Bradford, Barbara Taylor - The Women in his Life (HC) 

Bradford, Barbara Taylor - The Heir (HC) (2)

Bradford, Barbara Taylor - Being Elizabeth (HC)

Bradford, Ned - Battles and Leaders of the Civil War (HC) 

Bradlee, Ben - A Good Life (HC) 

Bradley, Lynn - Stand in for Murder (HC)

Braider, Donald - Five Early American Painters (HC)

Brandel, Marc - The Rod and the Staff (HC) 

Brandt, Anthony - The Man Who Ate His Boots (HC)

Breashears, David and Audrey Salkeld - Last Climb (HC)

Bremer, Karl H. - Dynamic Emotions (HC)

Breslin, Jimmy - Table Money (HC)

Brick, John - The Richmond Raid (HC)

Brigham, Robert K. - Is Iraq Another Vietnam? (HC) 

Bright, Bill and Michael Coleman - Living the Second Mile Life (PB)

Brockman, John - What is Your Dangerous Idea? (PB)

Briscoe, Connie - P.G. County (HC) 

Briskin, Jacqueline - The Other Side of Love (HC)

Bristow, J. Anthony Edited by - Advances in Printing Science and Technology Vol 24 (HC)

Britannica Great Books - #7 Plato (HC)

Britannica Great Books - #13 Virgil (HC)

Britannica Great Books - #17 Plotinus (HC)

Britannica Great Books - #18 Augustine (HC)

Britannica Great Books - #19 Thomas Aquinas I (HC)

Britannica Great Books - #22 Chaucer (HC)

Britannica Great Books - #24 Rabelais (HC)

Britannica Great Books - #29 Cervantes (HC)

Britannica Great Books - #30 Francis Bacon (HC)

Britannica Great Books - #32 Milton (HC)

Britannica Great Books - #37 Fielding (HC)

Britannica Great Books - #42 Kent (HC)

Britannica Great Books - #46 Hegel (HC)

Britannica Great Books - #47 Goethe (HC)

Brockovich, Erin - Rock Bottom (HC)

Brokaw, Tom - The Greatest Generation (PB)

Brokow, Tom - A Long Way Home (HC)

Brommer, Gerald - Collage Techniques (PB) 

Bonansinga, Jay - Perfect Victim (HC)

Brooks, Gerladine - Years of Wonders (PB)

Brooks, Geraldine - People of the Book (PB)

Brophy, Brigid - In Transit (HC) 

Brotherton, Miner - The 12 Volt BibleFor Boats (PB)

Broumas, Olga - Beginning With O (PB) 

Brown, Carrie - The Last First Day (HC) 

Brown, Dan - Digital Fortress (PB) 

Brown, Daniel James - The Boys in the Boat (PB)

Brown, Fern G. - Pilot Books: Jockey or Else (HC)

Brown, J. Carter - Rings: Five Passions in the Art World (HC) Signed 

Brown, Jr., H. Jackson - A Father's Book of Wisdom (HC)

Brown, R. Allen - Castles From the Air (HC)

Brown, Robert - The Rights of Older Persons (PB) 

Brown, Rosellen - Before and After (PB, ARC) 

Brown, Sandra - Deadline (HC) 

Brown, Sandra - Demon Rumm (HC) 

Brown, Sandra - Tough Customer (PB)

Breown, Sandra - Mean Streak (PB)

Browne, M. Neil & Stuart M. Keeley - Asking theh Right Questions (PB)

Bruch M.D., Hilde - Eating Disorders (PB) 

Brundage, Elizabeth - The Doctor's Wife (PB) 

Bruns, Roger - Almost History, Close Calls, Plan B's, and Twists of Fate in America's Past (HC)

Brynner, Rock - Yul, The Man Who Would Be King (HC)

Buchan, Elizabeth - Daughters (PB) 

Buchan, Elizabeth - Wives Behaving Badly (HC) 

Buchan, William - The Blue Pavilion (HC) 

Buck, Pearl S. - A Pearl Buck Reader (3 Condensed Books in One) (HC) 

Buck, Pearl S. - Imperial Woman (HC) 

Buck, Pearl S. La Estirpe Del Dragon (HC) (Spanish)

Buckley, William F., Jr. - Spytime (HC) 

Buecjmer, Thomas S. - The Norman Rockwell Treasury (HC)

Bufalino, Gesualdo - Lies of the Night (HC) 

Bugliosi, Vincent - Till Death Us Do Part (PB)

Bull, Bartle - Cafe on the Nile (PB)

Burckhardt, Jacob - The Age of Constantine The Great (HC)

Burke, James Lee - Crusader's Cross (HC) 

Burke, Kenneth - Perspectives by Incongruity (PB)

Burley, W.J. - Wycliffe and the Scapegoat (HC)

Burroughs, Augusten - Possible Side Effects (PB) 

Bush, George W. - Decision Points (HC)

Butler, Richard - Fatal Choice (PB)

Byatt, A.S. - Possession (PB) 

Byer, Kathryn Stripling - Wildwood Flower (HC) 

Byham, William C., Ph.D. - Zapp! The Lightening of Empowerment (HC)

Bynner, Witter - Guest Book (HC) (Signed)

Byrd, Richard E. - Discovery (HC)

Cabezas, Omar - Fire from the Mountain, The Making of a Sandinista (HC)

Cahill, Thomas - Sailing the Wine-Dark Sea, Why the Greeks Matter (HC)

Cahill, Thomas - How The Irish Saved Civilization (PB) 2

Cairns, Huntington - Legal Philosophy from Plato to Hegel (PB)

Calder, Richard - Dead Boys (HC) 

Callow, Philip - From Noon to Starry Night (PB) (ARC)

Camarasa, Ramon Folch Y - La Vista (HC)

Cameron, Elspeth - Hugh MacLennan; A Writer's Life (HC) (Signed) 

Campbell, Robert - The Cat's Meow (HC)

Campbell, Sanford - The Yachting Book of Coastwise Navigation (PB)

Canadian Pulp & Paper Assn - Operating Difficulties on Newsprint Machines (PB)

Canfield, Cass - The Iron Will of Jefferson Davis (HC) 

Canfield, Jack - Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul (PB) 

Canfield, Jack - Chocolate Caliente para el alma de los adolescentes (Spanish) (PB)

CAP - The Print-on-Demand Opportunity (HC)

Caputo, Philip - Crossers (HC) 

Card, Orson Scott - Ender In Exile (HC) 

Carlson, Ron - Plan B For The Middle Class (HC) 

Carmody, Denise Lardner - The Oldest God (PB)

Carnahan, Peter - Schooner Master; A Portrait of David Stevens (HC) 

Caro, Robert A - Master of the Senate: The Years of Lyndon Johnson (HC)

Caroli, Betty Boyd - Inside the White House (HC)

Carroll, Andrew - Behind the Lines (HC)

Carroll, Lewis - Alice in Wonderland (PB)

Carryl, Guy Wetmore - Zut and Other Parisians (HC) 

Carter III, Samuel - The Riddle of Dr. Mudd (HC) Signed 

Carter, Jared - Work, for the Night is Coming (HC) 

Caso, Alfonso - The Aztecs, People of the Sun (HC) 

Casona, Alejandro - La dama del alba (PB)

Castellanos, Fernando Zamora - Costa Rica (HC)

Castellanos, Henry - New Orleans As It Was (PB) 

Castle, Charles - Noel (HC)

Castro, Rosalia De - En Las Orillas Del Sar Ruinas (HC) (Spanish)

Cates, David - Hunger in America (HC)

Catton, Bruce - This Hallowed Ground (HC) 

Cecil, David - Poets and Storytellers (HC) 

Cela, Camilo Jose - Mrs. Caldwell Speaks to Her Son (HC) 

Ceram, C.W. - The March of Archaeology (PB) 

Ceram, C.W. - Der Erste Amerikaner (HC) (German)

Chamberlain, Samuel - Open House in New England (HC) 

Chambers, John Whiteclay III - To Raise an Army (HC)

Chandler, Raymond - The Notebooks of Raymond Chandler (PB) 

Chandler, Raymond and Robert B. Parker - Poodle Springs (PB)

Chaplin, Charlie - My Autobiography (HC)

Chapman, Sally - Cyber Kiss (HC) (2)

Chapman, Sally - Raw Data (HC) 

Charnwood, Lord - Abraham Lincoln (HC)

Charpak, Georges - debunked! (HC)

Cheever, Benjamin - The Letters of John Cheever (HC) 

Cheever, Susan - Home Before Dark, A Biographical Memoir of John Cheever by His Daughter (HC) 

Cheever, Susan - The Cage (HC) 

Chicago Tribune - Holidays (HC)

Child, Lincoln - Terminal Freeze (HC) 

Childress, Alice - A Short Walk (HC) 

Chinery, Michael Edited by - The Kingsford Illustrated Encyclopedia of Animals (HC)

Chorlton, Windsor - Cloud-Dwellers of the Himalayas (HC)

Chowder, Ken - Jadis (HC)

Christie, Agatha - A Caribbean Mystery (PB) 

Christie, Agatha - Elephants Can Remember (PB)

Christie, Agatha - The A.B.C. Murders (HC) 

Christie, Agatha - The Secret Adversary (PB)

Christie, Ian R.; Labaree, Benjamin W. - Empire or Independence 1760-1776(HC) 

Chung, Nicole - All You Can Ever Know (HC)

Churchill, Randolph S. - Winston S. Churchill Youth 1874-1900 (HC) 

Chute, B.J. - The End of Loving (HC)

Ciardi, John - Graciela Rodo Boulanger (HC)

Ciardi, John - Michel Delacroix (HC) 

Cixous, Helene - Dedans (PB) (French) 

Clark, Marcia - Guilt by Association (PB) (ARC) 

Clark, Mary Higgins - All Around The Town (HC) 

Clark, Mary Higgins - Remember Me (HC) 

Clark, Mary Higgins - The Cinderella Murder (HC) 

Clark, Mary Higgins - Two Little Girls in Blue (HC) 

Clark, Robert - Love Among the Ruins (HC) 

Clarke, Richard A. - Against All Enemies (HC) 

Clarke, Richard A. - Your Government Failed You: Breaking the Cycle of National Security Disasters (HC) 

Clifton, Violet - The Book of Talbot (HC)

Clinton, Bill & James Patterson - The President is Missing (HC)

Coben, Harlan - Stay Close (HC)

Coetzee, J.M. - Stranger Stories 1986-1999 (HC) 

Cohen, Arthur - A Hero in His Time (HC) (Signed)

Cohen, Charles - Silver Linings (PB) 

Cohen, Rich - Tough Jews (PB) 

Colbert, Stephen - I Am America (And So Can You!) (HC) 

Cole, David - Enemy Aliens (PB) 

Cole, Toby - Plays in One Act, A Collection Playwrights on Playwriting (HC) 

Coleman, Lonnie - Beulah Land (HC)

Coleman, Reed Farrel - Empty Ever After (HC)

Colglazier, R. Scott - A Winter Name for God (Signed) (HC) 

Collier, Zena - Ghost Note

Collins, Wilkie - Little Novels (PB) 

Colman, Hila - The Secret Life of Harold The Bird Watcher (HC)

Colodny, Robert G. - Spain: the glory and the tragedy (HC)

Colter, Dale - The Regulator-Gravedancer (PB) 

Coltman, Leycester - The Real Fidel Castro (HC)

Conaway, J.C. - Miami Beach (PB) 

Conde, Maryse - Tree of Life; A Novel of the Caribbean (HC) 

Connaissance Des Arts - Chenonceau (PB)

Connelly, Michael - The Black Box (HC)

Connelly, Michael - The Crossing (HC)

Conners, Terrance E. Edited by - Surface Analysis of Paper (HC)

Connolly, John - The Wolf in Winter (PB)

Connolly, Ray - Shadows on a Wall (HC)

Conrad III, Barnaby - The Martini (HC)

Conroy, Frank - Stop-time (HC) 

Conroy, Frank - Body & Soul (HC)

Conroy, Pat - The Great Santini (PB)

Conte, Manfred - Jeopardy (HC)

Conway, Jill Ker - True North (HC)

Cook, Blanche Wieson - Eleanor Roosevelt, Vol. 2 (1933-1938) (HC)

Cook, Robin - Spinx (PB) 

Coonts, Stephen - Cuba (HC)

Coonts, Stephen - The Cannibal Queen (HC) 

Cooper, Jane - The Weather of Six Mornings (HC)

Coover, Robert - A Night at the Movies (HC)

Corcoran, Rev. T - Studies in the History of Classical Teaching (HC) 

Cordan, Wolfgang - Secret of the Forest (HC)

Cornwell, Bernard - Sharpe's Trafalgar (HC)

Cornwell, Patricia - Book of the Dead (HC) (LP)

Cornwell, Patricia - Cause of Death (HC)

Cornwell, Patricia - Unnatural Exposure (HC)

Cornwell, Patricia - Portrait of a Killer (HC)

Cornwell, Patricia - The Front (HC)

Cortazar, Julio - A Certain Lucas (HC) 

Cortazar, Julio - A Chance of Light (HC) 

Cosby, Bill - Fatherhood (PB)

Cosby, Bill - Time Flies (HC) 

Costain, Thomas B. - Below the Salt (HC) 

Cottrell, Leonard - Lost Cities (PB)

Couch, Dick & Steve Pieczenik - Tom Clancy's Op-Center Out of the Ashes (PB)

Coughlin, Con - Saddam King of Terror (HC) 

Coulter, Ann - Demonic (HC)

Coulter, Ann - Treason (HC)

Coulter, Ann - Slander (HC) 

Coulton, G.C. - Chaucer and His England (HC) 

Cousins, Norman - Dr. Schweitzer of Lambarene (HC)

Cowley, Malcolm - Unshaken Friend (HC) 

Cowley, Malcolm - Writers at Work; The Paris Review Interviews (PB)

Cowman, Mrs. Cas E. - Streams in the Desert (HC)

Coxe, George Harmon - The Silent Witness (HC)

Cozier, Jimmy - Caribbean Newspaperman (PB) Signed

Craven, Avery - Reconstruction: The Ending of the Civil War (PB)

Creasey, John - Accuse the Toff (HC) 

Creative Concepts - Scrapbooking Through the Year (Spiral)

Creative Concepts - Scrapbooking Moments in Time (Spiral)

Creeley, Robert - Words Poems by (PB) 

Crichton, Michael - Airframe (HC) 

Crier, Catherine - A Deadly Game: The Untold Story of The Scott Peterson Investigation (HC)

Crofford, Amy L. The Case of the Secret Box (PB)

Cronin, A.J. - The Green Years (HC)

Cronkite, Walter - A Reporter's Life (PB)

Crook, William G., M.D. - The Yeast Connection Cookbook (PB)

Cross, Amanda - No Word From Winifred (PB)

Crow, Dena - 200 More Scrapbook Layout Ideas (SPIRAL)

Crozier, Lorna & Patrick Lane - Addicted: Notes From The Belly Of The Beast (PB) 

Crumley, James - The Mexican Tree Duck (PB, ARC) 

Crummey, Michael - Galore (PB) (ARC)

Cuban, Larry - The Blackboard and the Bottom Line (HC)

Cullen, Polly - Ragedy Ann and Andy Help Santa (HC)

Cullman, III Joseph F. - I'm a Lucky Man (HC)

Cumming, Charles - A Colder War (HC) 

Cumming, Charles - A Spy By Nature (HC) 

Cumnock, Robert McLean, L.H.D. - Choice Readings (HC)

Cunningham, George - Burren Joyrney West (PB)

Cunningham, Michael - Specimen Days (PB)

Curtis, III, George M., Edited by - The Southern Essays of Richard M. Weaver (PB)

Cussler, Clive - The Emperor's Revenge (PB)

Cussler, Clive - The Sea Hunters (HC)

Dabars, Zita - The Russian Way (PB)

Dahl, Julia - Invisible City (HC)

Dahl, Roald - My Uncle Oswald (HC)

Dahl, Tessa - Working for Love (HC)

Dahlem, Ted - How to Smoke Seafood Florida Cracker Style (PB)

Daiches, David - A Critical History of English Literature in 2 Vols (HC)

Dallas Museum of fine Arts - Gallery Buffet Soup Cookbook (HC)

Daly, Conor - Local Knowledge (HC) 

D'Amato, Barbara - (HC)

Dana, Charles M., A.M., M.D., L.L.D. - The Peaks of Medical History (HC)

Dana, Mitchell - Incident in a Texas Town (PB)

Danaher, Kevin - Irish Country People (PB)

Dane, Jordan - No One Heard Her Scream (PB)

Daniels, Myra Janco - Secrets of a Rut Buster (HC)

Daudet, Alphonse - SAFO (HC) (Spanish) 

David, Peter - Star Trek New Frontier (HC)

David, Peter - Star Trek New Frontier Prometheans (HC)

Davies, Robertson - Murther & Walking Spirits (HC) 

Davis, Don - Appointment with the Squire (HC) 

Dawson, Miles Menander - The Ethics of Confucius (HC) 

Deaver, Jeffrey - Garden of Beasts (HC)

Deaver, Jeffrey - The Broken Window (PB)

DeCima, Jay P. - Investing in Fixer-Uppers (PB)

Deighton, Len - Three Complete Novels: Berlin Game; Mexico Set; London Match (HC) 

DeLoach, Cartha D. "Deke" - Hoover's FBI (HC)

de Marchi, John - The True Story of Fatima (PB)

DeMille, Nelson - The Gate House (HC) (2)

DeMille, Nelson - Up Country (HC) 

DeMille, Nelson - Wild Fire (HC)

Denby, David - American Sucker (HC) 

Denby, David - Great Books (HC) (2)

Dench, Judi - Behind the Scenes (HC)

Dentinger, Jane - Dead Pan (HC) 

Dershowitz, Alan - America Declares Independence (HC) 

Desanti, Dominique - A Woman in Revolt (HC)

de Selincourt, Aubray - The War With Hannibal (PB)

D'Este, Carlo - Decision in Normandy (HC)

Deutermann, P.T. - Scorpion in the Sea (PB) 

Deutsch, Babette - Poetry Handbook (PB) 

Deveraux, Jude - High Tide (HC)

Deveraux - Secrets (HC) (LP)

DeWeese, Gene - Star Trek Into the Nebula (PB)

Dewey, Edward R. & Edwin F. Dakin - Cycles The Science of Prediction (HC)

Dexter, Pete - Paris Trout (HC)

Diaz, Junot - Drown (2)

Dibdin, Michael - Cosi Fan Tutti (HC) 

Dickens, Charles - A Tale of Two Cities (HC)

Dickens, Charles - A Tale of Two Cities and Great Expectations (PB)

Digest Comb - Old Fashioned Cookies (Spiral)

Dillard, J.M. - Star Trek: Insurrection (HC)

Dillard, J.M. - Star Trek: Nemesis (HC)

Dillard, J.M. - Star Trek: The Lost Years (HC)

Dillon, Myles and Nora Chadwick - The Celtic Realms (PB) 

Dilthey, Wilhelm - Pattern and Meaning in History (PB)

Dinges, John - The Condor Years (HC)

Dionne, E.J., Jr. - They Only Look Dead (HC)

Dislafani, Anton - The Yonahlossee Riding Camp for Girls (HC)

Divakaruni, Chitra Edited by - California Uncovered: Stories for the 21st Century

DK Eyewitness Travel - Top 10 Amsterdam (PB)

DK Eyewitness Travel - Top 10 Copenhagen (PB)

DK Eyewitness Travel - Top 10 Mallorca (PB)

DK Eyewitness Travel - Top 10 Montreal & Quebec City (PB)

DK Eyewitness Travel - Top 10 Stockholm (PB)

DK Eyewitness Travel - Top 10 St. Petersburg (PB)

DK Eyewitness Travel - Top 10 Tallinn (PB)

Doctorow, E.L. - Billy Bathgate (HC) 

Doctorow, E.L. - Loon Lake (PB) 

Doctorow, E.L. - Welcome to Hard Times (PB) 

Doeblin, Alfred - The Living Thoughts of Confucius (PB) 

Doisneau's, Robert - Paris (HC) 

D'Olivet, Fabre - The Golden Verses of Pythagoras (PB)

Dooley, Mike - The Top Ten Things Dead People Want To Tell You (HC) 

Doolittle, Hilda - End to Torment (PB)

Dorival, Bernard - Cezanne (HC)

Dorpat, Paul - Seattle Now and Then (HC) 

Dorra, Henri - The Collection of Mr. and Mrs. David Lloyd Kreeger (PB)

Dostoievsky, Feodor - El Jugador (HC) (Spanish)

Douglas, Edward - Jack: The Great Seducer (HC)

Dourlein, Peter - Inside North Pole (HC)


Doyle, Roddy - The Barrytown 3: The Commitments, The Snapper, The Van (PB) 

Doyle, Roddy - The Woman Who Walked Into Doors (PB) 

Draper, Robert - Dead Certain: The Presidency of George W. Bush (HC) 

Drinkard, Michael - Green Bananas (HC)

Dubal, David - Evenings With Horowitz (PB) (Signed)

Dubal, David - The Art Of The Piano (PB) (Signed)

Dubus, Andre III - House of Sand and Fog (PB) (2)

Duke, Maurice & Daniel P. Jordan - Tobacco Merchant (HC)

Dunlap, Susan - Diamond in the Buff (HC)

Duston, Allen - Angels From The Vatican (HC)

Dutkiewicz, Jacek - Advances in Polymer Materials for Medicine and Hygiene (PB)

Dyer, Jonah Lisa & Stephen - The Season (HC)

Dylan, Bob - Chronicles (HC)

DZT - Germany As You Like It (Brochure)

Hardcover, Paperback And Audio E-H


East, Tonia - The One (PB) 

Eco, Umberto - The Island of the Day Before (HC) 

Eco, Umberto - Turning Back the Clock (HC) 

Edwards, Hugh - Crocodile Attack (HC) 

Edwards, Kim - The Memory Keeper's Daughter (PB)

Ehrlich, Eugene -  Oxford American Dictionary (PB) 

Eichenwald, Kurt - Conspiracy of Fools (HC)

Elgin, Suzette Haden - The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense for Business Success (PB)

Elgin, Suzette Haden - The Judas Rose (PB) 

Elkin, Stanley - The MacGuffin (HC) 

Ellin, Stanley - Star Light Star Bright (HC) (Signed)

Ellis, Joseph J. - His Excellency: George Washington (HC)

Ellison, Michaell R. - 10 Keyes to Create Wellnes & 10 Keys to Create Wealth (PB)

Elton, Ben - The First Casualty (PB) 

Emmens, Dr. Cliff W. - A Step-By-Step Book About Setting Up An Aquarium (PB)

Enthoven, Sam - The Black Tattoo (HC) 

Entine, Jon - Abraham's Children (HC)

Erdman, Paul - The Last Days of America (HC)

Erdman, Paul - The Panic of '89 (HC)

Essel, David - Slow Down (PB) Signed

Estes, Clarissa Pinkola - Mujeres que corren con los lobos (PB)

Eugenides, Jeffrey - Middlesex (PB)

Euripides - Tragedias (HC) (Spanish)

Evanovich, Janet - Fearless Fourteen (HC)

Evanovich, Janet - Top Secret Twenty-One (HC)

Evans, Gwynfor - Wales A History (HC)

Evans, Nicholas - The Smoke Jumper (PB)

Evans, Richard Paul - The Last Promise (HC) 

Evans, William K. - Princeton (PB)

Ewen, David - Composers Since 1900 (HC)

Exley, Richard and Helen- The Things Kids Say: To Mom, Edited by (HC)

Faigman, David L. - Laboratory of Justice (HC) 

Falk, Bennett - The Internet Road Map, 2nd Ed. (PB)

Fallaci, Oriana - The Egotists (HC) 

Fallon, Jennifer - The Hythrun Chronicles: Wolfblade (HC) 

FC&A Medical Publishing, The Editors of - 1,001 Home Health Secrets for Seniors (PB)

FC&A - Discounts! Discounts! and More Discounts! (PB)

FC&A - Uncommon Uses for Common Household Products (PB)

Fenby, Jonathan - Generalissimo (HC)

Ferguson, Niall - The War of the World (HC) 

Ferrell, Keith - Passing Judgment (HC) 

Field, Edward - Stand up, Friend, with Me: Poems (HC) 

Fischer, Tibor - The Collector Collector (HC)

Fisman, Ray and Tim Sullivan - The ORG (HC)

Fitzgerald, Edward - Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyan (HC/Leather) 

Fitzgerlad, F. Scott - The Great Gatsby (PB)

Fixler, Barry - Semper Cool (HC) Signed

Flannery, Sean - Winner Take All (HC) 

Fleming, Kevin - The Beaches of Delaware and Historic Sussex County (HC)

Fleming, Thomas J. - Now We Are Enemies (HC)

Florida Designs - Florida Interiors & Architecture (Magazine)

Flynn, Vince - Memorial Day (PB)

Flynn, Vince - Extreme Measures (PB)

Fodor's - 25 Best Boston (PB)

Fodor's - Amsterdam & The Netherlands (PB)

Foder's European Cruises (PB)

Fodor's - Greek Islands (PB)

Fodor's - Ireland (PB)

Fordin, Hugh - Jerome Kern : The Man and His Music In Story, Picture and Song (PB)

Forward, Davic C. - The Rotary Foundation: Doing Good in the World (HC)

Fox, Michael J. - Always Looking Up (HC)

France, Anatole - La Azucena Roja (HC) Spanish 

France Magazine

Franken, Al - Al Franken Giant of the Senate (HC) 

Franklin, Benjamin - The autobiography of (PB)

Franklin, Sarah- The Destiny of the Dragon Master (HC) (Signed)

Franklin, Tom - Hell at the Breech (PB)

Franks, General Tommy - American Soldier (HC)

Franzen, Jonathan - The Corrections (HC) (1)

Frayn, Michael - Headlong (HC)

Fraser, Antonia - love amd louis XIV (PB)

Frederic, Louis - Kaiko Moti (HC)

Freedman, Ralph - Virginia Woolf Revaluation and Continuity (PB)

Friedberg, Robert - 1989 Green Coin Book (PB)

Friedman, Alan - Spider's Web: The Secret History of How the White House Illegally Armed Iraq (HC) 

Friedman, Michael - Star Trek The Next Generation Kahless (HC)

Friedman, Thomas L. - Longitudes & Lattitudes (HC)

Friedman, Thomas L. - The Lexus and the Olive Tree (HC)

Friedman, Thomas L. - The World is Flat (HC)

Friedwald, Will - Bing (PB)

Frommer's - France's Best-Loved Driving Tours (PB) 

Fulop-Miller, Rene - The Silver Bacchanal (HC) 

Funk & Wagnalls Stand Desk Dictionary (HC)

Fursenko, Aleksandr and Timothy Naftali - Khrushchev's Cold War (HC) 

Furst, Alan - Blood of Victory (HC) (2)

Gaddis, Peggy - Nurse in the Shadows (PB) 

Gaines, Steven - Philistines at the Hedgerow (HC)

Galdps. Benito Perez - Misericordia (HC) (Spanish)

Galison - Reader's Journal (HC)

Gallagher, Richard S. - How to Tell Anyone Anything (HC)

Gallenkamp, Charles -MAYA - The Worlds of Science Archaeology (PB)

Gallop, Rick - The G.I. Diet (HC)

Gannett, Lewis - The Living One (HC) 

Garden City Publishing Co. - The Romance of Chinese Art (HC)

Gardiner, Leslie - Lunardi (HC)

Gash, Johnathan - The Grace in Older Women (HC) 

Gaspard, Helen - Doctor Dan, The Bandage Man (HC)

Gayer, Arthur, Edited by - Basic Economics (PB)

Gelb, Arthur - City Room (HC) 

George, Alex - A Good American (HC)

George, Elizabeth - Believing the Lie (HC)

George, Elizabeth - the punishment she deserves (HC)

Gershkoff, Ira and Richard Trachtman - Wild in the Streets: The Boston Driver's Handbook (PB)

Gibbons, Kaye - Charms for the Easy Life (HC)

Gibbs, Joe - Game Plan for Life (HC) 

Gibson, John - Anatomy of the Castle (HC)

Gigerenzer, Gerd - Calculated Risks (HC)

Gillham, David R. - City of Women (HC)

Gingrich, Newt & Callista - Ronald Reagan Rendezvous with Destiny (HC)

Gloss, Susan - Vintage (HC)

Goethe, Johann Wolfgang - Las Penas Del Joven Werther (HC) (Spanish)

Gogol, Nicolai - Tarasbulba Y Otros Cuentos (HC) (Spanish) 

Gold, Dore - Hatred's Kingdom (HC)

Goldfluss, Howard E. - The Judgment (HC) 

Goldman, L.C. - From Left To Right (PB) (Signed)

Goldoni, Carlo - El Abanico, La Posadera, Arlequin, Servidor De Dos Patrones (HC) Spanish

Goldsmith, Howard R. - How to Make a Fortune in Import/Export (PB)

Gonzalez, Justo L. - A History of Christian Thought: Volume II (HC)

Goodwin, Doris Kearns - No Ordinary Time (PB) 

Gordon, John - Collector’s Library of the Civil War: Reminiscences of the Civil War (HC)

Gordon, Noah - The Physician (PB)

Gorki, Maximo - La Madre (HC) (Spanish)

Grady, James - Mad Dogs (HC) 

Grafton, Sue - "I" is for Innocent (HC)

Grafton, Sue - M is for Malice (HC) 

Grafton, Sue - Q is for Quarry (HC)

Graham, Heather - Runaway (HC) 

Grandet, Eugenia - Honore De Balzac (HC) (Spanish)

Green, Jane - The Beach House (HC) (Signed)

Green, Tim - Football Hero (PB)

Greenburg, Henry & Georgia Greenberg - Power of a Navajo (PB)

Greenburg, Jan Crawford - Supreme Conflict (HC) 

Greene, Thomas Christopher - The Headmaster's Wife (HC) 

Greene, Bob & Oprah Winfrey - Make the Connection (HC)

Gregory, Dick - Nigger (HC) 

Grehan, Ida - Waterford: An Irish Art (HC)

Griffin, W.E.B. - The Assassination Option (PB)

Griffin, W.E.B. - The Outlaws (PB)

Griffin, W.E.B. - The Hostage (PB)

Griffin, W.E.B. - The Hunters (PB)

Griffin, W.E.B. - The Investigators (HC)

Griffin, W.E.B. - The Shooters (PB)

Griffin, W.E.B. - The DSS Double Agents (PB)

Griffin, W.E.B. - The Fighting Agents (HC) (2)

Griffin, W.E.B. - Special Ops (HC) Signed

Grimes, Martha - A Richard Jury Novel: I am the Only Running Footman (PB) 

Grimes, Tom - City of God (HC) 

Griner, Paul - Follow Me (HC)

Grippando, James - A King's Ransom (HC) 

Grippando, James - Born to Run (HC) 

Grippando, James - Hear No Evil (HC)

Grisham, John - Bleachers (HC)

Grisham, John - The Broker (HC)

Grisham, John - The Summons (PB)

Groopman, Jerome, M.D. - How Doctors Think (HC) 

Gross, Andrew - Eyes Wide Open (HC) (PB)

Guilfoile, Kevin - Cast of Shadows (HC)

Gutman, Roy - Crimes of War (PB) 

Hachetter - Cafe 4 Creme Methide de Francais (PB)

Hacker, Marilyn - Presentation Piece (HC)

Haglund, Jill - The Idea Bookfor Scrapbooking (PB) 

Hailey, Arthur - The Evening News (HC) 

Hailey, Elizabeth Forsythe - A Woman of Independent Means (HC) 

Haines, John - New Poems: 1980-88 (PB) 

Haisch, Bernard - The God Theory (HC)

Halberstam, David - The Coldest Winter (HC) 

Halbert's - The New World Book of the Fitzgeralds (PB)

Hall, Matthew - The Art of Breaking Glass (HC) 

Hall, Trevor - Her Serene Highness Princess Grace of Monaco (HC)

Hallberg, Garth Risk - City On Fire (HC) 

Halpert, Stephen - A Return to Pagany (HC) 

Hamerow, Theodore S. - Why We Watched (HC) 

Hamilton, Carl - In No Time At All (HC) 

Hammer, Richard - The Helmsleys (PB)

Handler, David - The Girl Who Ran Off With Daddy (HC)

Hannaford, Peter - The Quotable Ronald Reagan (HC) 

Hardman, H. & E.J. Cole - Papermaking: Questions and Answers (HC)

Harr, Jonathan - A Civil Action (HC)  Harragan, Steve - Smuggled Sin (PB)

Harris, Mark - The Tale Maker (HC) 

Harris, Robert - Archangel (HC) 

Harris, Thomas -​ Hannibal Rising (HC)

Harry, Eric L. - Society of the Mind (HC) 

Hart, Carolyn - Death on Demand: A Little Class on Murder, (PB) 

Hart, Gary - The Fourth Power (HC)

Hart, John - The King of Lies (PB)

Hartsuch, Ph.D., Paul J. - Chemistry of Lithography (PB) 

Harvey, George - Henry Clay Frick The Man (HC)

Harvey, John - Cold Light (HC) 

Haslund, Henning - Tents in Mongolia (HC)

Hassler, Jon - The Dean's List (HC) 

Hastings, Max - Overlord (HC)

Hauser, Thomas - Ashworth & Palmer A Love Story (HC)

Hawken, Paul - Growing a Business (PB)

Hawkins, Gerald S. - Beyond Stonehenge (HC)

Hawkins, Paula - The Girl on the Train (PB) 

Hawkins, Peter S. and Rachel Jacoff - The Poets Dante (PB) 

Haworth, Paul Leland - George Washington Farmer (HC)

Hawthorne, Nathaniel - The Scarlet Letter (HC)

Hawthorne, Nathaniel - La Letra Escarlata (HC) (Spanish) 

Hayder, Mo - Birdman (HC)

Hayter, Sparkle - Nice Girls Finish Last (HC) 

Hazen, Barbara Shook - Ragedy Ann and Andy and the Rainy-Day Circus (HC) 

Hazleton, Lesley - Confessions of a Fast Woman (ARC) (PB)

Heaven Scent - Beyond Perfect (4 Authors) (HC) 

Hecht, Daniel - Skull Session (PB) (ARC) 

Heffner, Richard D - A Conversational History of Modern America (HC) 

Hegi, Ursula - The Vision of Emma Blau (PB)

Heinlein, Robert A. - The Cat Who Walks Through Walls (HC) 

Heller, Jane - Internal Affairs (HC)

Heller, Jane - The Club (HC)

Heller, Jean - Handyman (HC)

Heller, Joseph - Good as Gold (PB)

Hemingway, Ernst - A Moveable Feast (PB)

Hendrickson, Robert - British Literary Anecdotes (HC)

Hennessy\ey, Maureen Hart - Norman Rockwell (HC)

Henry, Aletta - Snail's Pace (PB) (Signed)

Herold, J. Christopher - Mistress to n Age (PB)

Heylin, Clinton - The Act You've Known for all These Years, A Year in the Life of Sgt. Pepper and Friends (HC) 

Hiaasen, Carl - Strip Tease (PB)

Higgins, George V. - Sandra Nichols Found Dead (HC) 

Higgins, Jack - On Dangerous Ground (HC)

Highet, Gilbert - Poets in a Landscape (HC)

Highsmith, Patricia - The Cry of the Owl (PB)

Hill, Napoleon - Think & Grow Rich (Audio) 

Himes, Chester - Cast The First Stone (PB)

Hingley, Ronald - Pasternak (HC)

Hitchcock, Alfred - Let it all Bleed Out (PB)

Hitchcock, Jane Stanton - The Witches' Hammer (HC) 

Hjortsberg, William - Nevermore (HC)

Hobbsa, Anthony - The Story of the Navy (HC)

Hoberman, Gerald - London (PB)

Hodgson, Sarah - Puppies fpr Dummies (PB) 

Hoffenstein, Samuel - Poems in Praise of Practically Nothing (HC) 

Hogan, Chuck - The Standoff (HC)

Hoffman, Alice - White Horses (HC) 

Hoffman, Mable and Gar - The Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt Cookbook (PB)

Hollander, John - Modern Poetry: Essays in Criticism (HC) 

Hollander, John - Poems of Our Moment (PB) 

Holleran, Andrew - Dancer From the Dance (HC) 

Holleran, Andrew - The Beauty of Men (HC) 

Holton, Jean Laity - Geometry, A New Way of Looking at Space (HC)

Holuigue, Diane - Classic Cuisine of Provence (PB) 

Hopkins, Tom - The Official Guide to Success (HC) (Signed) 

Horowitz, David - hating whitey and other progressive causes (HC)

Horwitt, Sanford D. - Let Them Call Me Rebel (HC) 

Hotchner, A.E. - Papa Hemingway 

Hourani, Albert - A History o fthe Arab Peoples (PB)

Housewright, David - Penance (HC) 

Howard, Richard - Misgivings (PB)

Hudema, Mike - An Action A Day (PB)

Hudleston, F.J. - Gentleman Hohnny Burgoyne (HC)

Hughes, Richard - The Fox In The Attic (HC) 

Hugo - Hugo's Russian Grammar Simplified (HC)

Hugo, Victor - Bug-Jargal (HC) (Spanish)

Huie, William Bradford - The Klansman (HC)

Hunt, E.E. - ISIS In The City (PB) (Signed)

Hunt, John - Bunratty Castle (PB)

Hardcovers, Paperbacks and Audio I-L


IBM - IBM Journal of Research and Development (PB)

Ibsen, Henrik - Nora O Una Cada De Munecas Y El Pato Salvaje (HC) (Spanish)

Insight Guides - Insight to the Caribbean (PB)

iPhone - iPhone for Beginners (Magazine)

Isaacson, Walter - Steve Jobs (PB) (HC)

Island Expedition Vol I 1986 (Magazine)

Island Expedition Vol III 1990 (Magazine)

Island Expedition Vol V 1997 (Magazine)

Ivins, Molly & Lou Dubose - Bushwhacked (HC) 

James, E.L. - Fifty Shades of Grey, Darker & Freed (PB)

James, Vanessa - The Genealogy of Greek Mythology (HC) 

Jamison, Cheryl Alters & Bill Jamiso - American Home Cooking (HC) 

Jamison, Kay Redfield - An Unquiet Mind (PB)

Jeffers, Robinson - The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers (HC)

Jenkins, Lyll Becerra de - The Honorable Prison (HC) (Signed)

Jenrette, Richard H. - Jenrette The Contrarian Manager (HC)0069

Jin, Ha - War Trash (PB)

Jofen, Dr. Jean B. - Yiddish for Beginners (PB)

Johnson, Denis - Tree of Smoke (HC)

Johnson, Jean - The Bedford Guide to the Research Process (PB)

Johnson, R.P.A. -  Use & Abuse of Wood in House Construction (PB) 

Jones, J. - Collector’s Library of the Civil War: A Rebel War Clerk’s Diary Vol II (HC)

Jones, James - From Here to Eternity (HC)

Jorgensen, George W. - Lithographic Pressman's Handbook (PB)

Joyce, James - The Portable 4 of his 6 books (HC)

Just, Ward - Jack Gance (PB)

Kalogridis, Jeanne - The scarlet Contessa (HC)

Harford, Tim - The Logic of Life (HC)

Kassir, Samir - Beirut (HC)

Kauffmann, Stanley - The Very Man (HC)

Kaun, Alexander & Oleg A. Maslenikov - Elementary Russian Reader (PB)

Kava, Alex - Hotwire (HC)

Kawabata, Yasunari - House of the Sleeping Beauties (HC)

Kawabata, Yasunari - The Laek (HC)

Kaye, Harvey J. - Thomas Paine and the Promise of America (PB)

Kaylor, Earl C., Jr. - Truth Sets Free (HC)

Kazami, Takehide - The Himalayas; A Journey to Nepal (PB)

Kean, Thomas H. and Lee H. Hamilton - Without Prejudice (HC)

Keane, John B. - The Bodhran Makers (PB) (ARC)

Keane, Molly - Good Behaviour (PB)

Keenan, Joe - Putting on the Ritz (HC)

Keillor, Garrison - Pilgrims (HC)

Keleman, Stanley - Somatic Reality (PB)

Keller, Loren - The Skier in the Snow (PB)

Kellerman, Faye - Stalker (HC)

Kellerman, Faye - Street Dreams (HC)

Kellerman, Faye - The Garden of Eden (HC)

Kellerman, Faye & Jonathan - Double Homicide Boston (HC) 

Kellerman, Jonathan & Fay - Capital Crimes (HC)

Kellerman, Jonathan - The Web (HC) (2)

Kellerman, Jonathan - Survival of the Fittest (HC)

Kellerman, Jonathan - Self-Defense (HC)

Kellerman, Jonathan - The Murder Box (HC)

Kellerman, Jonathan - Motive (HC)

Kellerman, Jonathan - Bones (HC)

Kellerman, Jonathan - Flesh and Blood (HC)

Kellerman, Jonathan - Twisted (HC)

Kellerman, Jonathan - Obsession (HC)

Kellerman, Jonathan - Compulsion (HC)

Kelly, Brian and Mark London - Amazon (PB)

Kelly, Matthew - Perfectly Yourself (PB)

Kelly, Michael - Martyr's Day (HC)

Kelly, Susan - Out of the Darkness (PB) (ARC)

Kelton, Elmer The Good Old Boys (PB)

Kendall, Joshua - The Man Who Made Lists (HC)

Keneally Thomas - Office Of Innocence (PB)

Kennan, George F. - At A Century's Ending (HC) (2)

Kennedy, Mary - Behind the Day (HC) (Signed)

Kennedy, William - Chango's Beads and Two-Tone Shoes (HC)

Kent, Kathleen - The Heretic's Daughter (PB)

Kermode, Frank - John Donne (PB)

Kerr, Baine - Harmful Intent (HC)

Kerr, Philip - The Lady From Zagreb (PB)

Kerr, Philip - Hitler's Peace (PB)

Kessler, Ronald - The CIA at War (HC)

Kessler, Ronald - Bureau The Secret History of the FBI (HC)

Keyes, Frances Parkinson - The Royal Box (HC) 

Keyes, Marian - Last Chance Saloon (PB)

Khadra, Yasmina - The Attack (HC)

Khalidi, Rashid - Resurrecting Empire (HC)

Kidd, Sue Monk - The Invention of Wings (HC)

Kidder, Tracy - House (HC)

Kilpatrick, James - The Fox's Union (HC)

Kimball, MArie G. - The Furnishings of Monticello (PB)

Kimball, Michael - Firewater Pond (HC)

Kincaid, Jamaica - At the Bottom of the River (HC)

Kinder, Jack & Garry - 21st Century Positioning (HC)

King, Laurie R. - Holly (PB)

King, Peter - The Gourmet Detective (HC)

King, Ruchama - Seven Blessings (PB)

King, Stephen - Dreamcatcher (HC)

King, Stephen - Four Past Midnight (HC)

King, Stephen - Rose Madder (HC)

Kinsella, Sophie - Swimming Pool Sunday (PB)

Kipphan, Helmut - Handbook of Print Media (HC) (Signed)

Kirsch, Jonathan - God Against The Gods (HC)

Kissinger, Henry - Crisis (HC)

Kiteley, Brian - I know many songs, but I cannot sing (HC)

Kittel, Mary Badham - Japanese Flower Arrangement for American Homes (HC)

Klare, Michael T. - Rising Powers Shrinking Planet (HC)

Klavan, Andrew - Hunting Down Amanda (HC)

Klay, Phil - Redeployment (PB)

Klein, Donna - Vegan Italiano (PB)

Klein, Alec - Stealing Time (HC)

Klein, Maury - Days of Defiance (HC)

Klimova, Anastassia - Saint Petersburg {Russia} (PB)

Kluger, Phyllis - Victorian Designs for Needlepoint (HC)

Kmart Kookers - A Book of Favorite Recipes (Spiral)

Koch, Edward L. with William Koch - Mayor (HC)

Koenig, Joseph - Brides of Blood (PB) (ARC)

Koffman, Deb - The Soul Support Group (PB)

Kokeritz, Helge - Learning Sweedish (PB)

Kolb, Carolyn - New Orleans (PB)

Koontz, Dean - Mr. Murder (HC)

Koontz, Dean - The Darkest Evening of the Year (HC)

Koontz, Dean - Saint Odd (HC)

Koontz, Dean - From The Corner of His Eye (HC)

Koperwas, Sam - Westchester Bull (HC)

Kopf, Gerhard - There is no Borges (HC)

Koppel, Ted - Off Camera (HC)

Korda, Michael - IKE, An American Hero (HC)

Kostova, Elizabeth - The Historian (HC)

Kotre, John - White Gloves (PB)

Kovach, Sue - Starting Over! (PB)

Krakauer, Jon - Into Thin Air (HC) 

Krauthammer, Charles - Things That Matter (HC)

Kreh, Lefty - The L.L. Bean Guide to Outdoor Photography (HC)

Krentz, Jayne Ann - Smoke in Mirrors (HC)

Krieg, Joyce - Murder Off Mike (HC)

Krutch, Joseph Wood - The Great Chain of Life (HC)

Kumin, Maxine - The Designated Heir (HC)

Kundera, Milan - The Joke (HC)

Kuniczak, W.S. - The Sempinski Affair (HC)

Kunkel, Benjamim - Indecision (HC)

Kupferberg, Tuli - 1001 Ways to Make Love (PB)

Kurosawa, Akira - Ikiru (PB)

Kutler, Stanley I. - Abuse of Power (PB)

Kwok, Man-Ho with Joanne O'Brien - The Elements of Feng Shui (PB)

Lacy, Sarah - Once You're Luck, Twice You're Good (HC)

Lahiri, Jhumpa - Unaccustomed Earth (HC)

Lamar, Jake - The Last Intergrationist (HC)

Lamartine, Alphonse De - Rafael (HC) (Spanish) 

Lamb, Brian - Booknotes (HC)

Lamb, Cathy - A Different Kind of Normal (PB)

Lamb, Wally - I Know This Much is True (HC)

Lamb, Wally - The Hour I First Believed (PB)

Lambert, Rosemary - Cambridge Introduction to the History of Art - The Twentieth Century (PB)

L'Amour, Louis - Education Of A Wandering Man (HC)

Lance, Peter - 1000 Years for Revenge (PB)

Lanchester, John - The Debt to Pleasure (HC)

Landay, William - The Strangler (HC)

Lane Books  - Islands of the South Pacific (PB)

Langer, Rulka - The Mermaid and the Messerschmitt (HC) (Signed)

Lansdale, Joe R. Electric Gumbo (PB)

Lansky, Bruce & K.L. Jones - Dads Say Tge Dumbest Things! (PB)

Lantigua, John - Burn Season (HC)

Lantigua, John - Twister (HC)

Larking, Emma - Finding George Orwell in Burma (HC)

Larsen, Earnie - Old Patterns New Truths (PB)

Larsen, Louis M. - Industrial Printing Inks (HC)

Larsson, Steig - The Girl Who Kicked The Hornest's Nest (HC)

Lasdun, James - Three Evenings (HC)

Laskin, David - The Family (HC)

Lasswell, Mary - I'll Take Texas (HC)

Latham, Charles W. - Advanced Pressmanship (PB)

Latham, Charles W. - Lithographic Offset Press Operating (PB)

Latham, Frank - The Great Dissenter (HC)

Lawrence, D. H. - A Modern Lover (PB)

Lawrence, D.H. - Son's and Lovers (HC)

Lawrence, D.H. - Twilight in Italy (HC)

Layard, Richard - Happiness (PB)

Layng, Charles - The Monarch Who Wouldn't Go Mad (HC)

Lazarus, Edward - Closed Chambers (PB)

Lea, Tom - The Brave Bulls (HC)

Leamer, Laurence - The Kennedy Men 1901-1963 (HC)

LeBoeuf, Michael - The Perfect Business (HC)

LeCarre, John - The Constant Gardener (HC)

LeCarre, John - The Mission Song (HC) (2)

LeCarre, John - Absolute Friends (HC)

LeCarre, John - A Legacy of Spies (HC)

Lee, Al - The Major Young Poets (PB)

Lee, Chang-rae - A Gestured Life (HC)

Lee, Chang-rae - The Surrendered (HC)

Lee, Christopher - 1603 (HC)

Lee, Guy Carleton - The True History of the Civil War (HC)

Lee, Min Jin - Free Food for Millionaires (PB)

Leider, Richard J. - Repacking Your Bags (HC)

Lemaire de Ruffieu, Francois - The Handbook of Riding Essentials (HC)

Leonard, Elmore - Killshot (HC) 

Leonard, Elmore - LaBrava (HC)

Leonard, Elmore - Mr. Paradise (HC) (2)

Leonard, Elmore - Raylan (HC)

Leonard, Linda Schierse - On The Way To The Wedding (HC)

L'Epine, R. - Les Aventured Du Capitaine Castagnette (HC) (French)

Lerner, Ben, Dr. and Dr. Greg Loman - Cruise Ship of Nursing Homes (PB)

Lescroart, John T. - A Certain Justice (HC)

Lescroart, John - The Suspect (HC)

Lescroart, John - The Motive (HC)

Lesley, Craig - The Sky Fisherman (PB)

Letts, Billie - Where the Heart Is (HC)

Levi, Primo - Survival in Auschwitz (PB)

Levin, Jenifer - Snow (HC)

Levin, Meyer - The Settlers (PB)

Levine, Barry B. - Benjy Lopez (HC)

Levine, John R. - The Internet for Dummies (PB)

Levine, Lawrence W. & Cornelia R. Levine - The People and the President (HC)

Levine, Peter - Something to Hide (HC)

Levy, Alan - Forever Sophia (PB)

Levy, Leon - The Mind of Wall Street (HC)

Levy, Steven - Hackers (PB)

Lewis, Benjamin - Riding (HC)

Lewis, C.S. - The Beloved Works of C.S. Lewis (HC)

Lewis, Flora - Europe (HC)

Lewis, Roy - A Wisp of Smoke (HC) (2)

Lewis, Sinclair - Cass Timberlane (HC)

Lewis, Wyndham - Journey Into Barbary (HC)

Life - One Nation (HC)

Life - Life with Father (HC)

Life Books - The Life Millennium (HC)

Liguori, St. Alphonsus (PB)

Lilly, John, M.D. & Antonietta Lilly - The Dyadic Cyclone (HC)

Limbaugh, David - Persecution (HC)

Limbaugh, David - Crimes Against Liberty (HC)

Lindbergh, Anne Morrow - Gift From The Sea (HC) (PB)

Lindley, David - Uncertainty (HC)

Lindsay, Paul - Traps (HC)

Lindsey, David L. - Spiral (HC)

Lindsey, Johanna - Say You Love Me (HC)

Lindsey, John - Robert Burns - Rantin' Dog Poet of the Common Man (HC)

Lindsey, Robert - A Gathering of Saints (HC)

Lipman, Elinor - The Way Men Act (HC)

Liss, David - A Spectacle of Corruption (HC)

Littell, Robert - Viciouys Circle (HC)

Little, Bentley - The Town (HC)

Litz, A. Walton (Edited by) - Modern American Fiction (PB)

Llewellyn, Peter - Rome in the Dark Ages (HC)

Llosa, Mario Vargas - The Time of the Hero (HC)

Llosa, Mario Vargas - The Discreet Hero (HC)

Lloyd, Sampson - London (HC)

Locke, John - An Essay Concerning Human Understanding (PB)

Lockhart, E. - Dramarama (HC)

Logan, John - The Anonymous Lover (HC)

Logan, John - Poem in Progress (PB)

London - Books about London (Lot of 5) (PB)

Lord, James - Plausible Portraits of (HC)

Lordan, Beth - August Heat (HC)

Lovell, Mary S - Cast No Shadow (PB) (ARC) (Wrong Cover)

Lovett, Sarah - Acquired Motivers (HC)

Lowe, David - Chicago Interiors (PB)

Lubin, Bruce & Jeanne Bossolina-Lubin Who Knew? 10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems (HC)

Lubin, Bruce & Jeanne Bossolina-Lubin Who Knew? Thousands of Money-Saving Secrets for Cooking, Cleaning, and All Around Your Home (HC)

Lubin, Bruce & Jeanne Bossolina-Lubin Who Knew? Beauty Secrets (PB)

Lubin, Bruce & Jeanne Bossolina-Lubin Who Knew? Extreme Coupons (PB)

Lubin, Bruce & Jeanne Bossolina-Lubin Who Knew? Free Stuff (PB)

Lucado, Max - The Gospel of Luke (PB)

Lucado, Max - The Gospel of Mark (PB)

Lucado, Max - The Gospel of Matthew (PB)

Ludlum, Robert - The Sigma Protocol (PB)

Ludlum, Robert - The Tristan Betrayal (HC)

Ludlum, Robert -The Bourne Ultimatum (HC) (2)

Ludlum, Robert - The Lazarus Vendetta (PB)

Ludlum, Robert - Ambler Warning (HC) (2)

Lupica, Mike - Summer of '98 (HC)

Lurie, Alison - Truth and Consequesnces (HC)

Lustbader, Eric - Dark Homecoming (HC)

Lutzer, Erwin W. - Gettting to No (PB)

Luzzatto-Bilitz, Oscar & Paul Hamlyn - Antique Jade (HC) 

Lydon, James - Ireland in the later Middle Ages (PB)

Hardcovers, Paperbacks and Audio M-R


Macaulay, Thomas Babington - The History of England (HC)

MacDougal, Bonnie - Out of Order (HC)

Mackay, Harvey - Sharkproof (HC)

Macomber, Debbie - Alaska Skies (PB)

Madden, Chris - Guide to Personalizing Your Home (HC)

Mailer, Norman - Harlot's Ghost (HC)

Makine, Andrei - Dreams of My Russian Summers (HC)

Mankell, Henning - Faceless Killers (PB)

Mankell, Henning - Firewall (PB)

Mann, A.T. - Sacred Architecture (HC)

Maraini, Fosco - Where Fout Worlds Meet (HC)

Mari, Maria Mayans - Ibiza and Formentera (PB)

Markstrom, Hakan - The Elastic Properties of Paper (PB)

Marlowe, Lara - Painted with Words (PB) (Signed)

Marlowe, Lara - The Things I've Seen (PB)

Maron, Margaret - Last Lessons of Summer (HC)

Marquet, L. David - Turn the Ship Around (HC)

Marquez, Gabriel Garcia - Memoria de mis putas tristes (PB) Spanish

Marshall, Tom - Make the World Your Second Home (PB)

Martin, David - CUL-de-SAC (HC) 

Martin, Harold - "Outlasting marble and brass" (HC)

Martin, Ivan R. Forreest Trees (PB)

Martin, Richard - Ink In Her Blood (PB) 

Martin, Steve - The Arraignment (HC)

Martini, Steve - Guardian of Lies (HC) 

Martini, Steve - Prime Witness (HC) 

Martini, Steve - Shadow of Power (HC) 

Martini, Steve - The Attorney (HC)

Massie, Robert K. - The Romanovs (HC)

Mastai, Boleslaw and Marie-Louise D'Otrange - The Stars and The Stripes (HC) 

Maupassant, Guy de - Assorted Short Stories (6 Vol Set) (HC)

Maupin, Armistad - Maybe the Moon (HC)

Mawson, Robert - The Lazarus Child (HC)

Mayor, Archer - Proof Positive (PB)

McBain, Ed - Doll (PB)

McBain, Ed - The Big Bad City (HC)

McCourt, Frank - Teacher Man (HC) Signed 

McCutchan, Philip - Halfhyde and the Admiral (HC)

McEwan, Ian - Amsterdam (HC)

McEwan, Ian - Saturday (HC) 

McEwan, Ian - Nutshell (PB)

McGrath, Patrick - Asylum (HC)

McKay, Frances Peabody - Let's Go Shelling (PB)

McMillan, Kate - Healthy Dish of the Day (HC)

McMurtry, Larry - Telegraph Days (HC)

Meacham, Leila - Roses (PB)

Mead Corp - Paper Knowledge (HC)

Medlicott, Joan - The Three Mrs. Parkers (HC)

Meeker, Norman - Shouting on the Way (PB)

Mellick, J.S.D. - The Passing Guest (HC)

Melton, Glennon Doyle - Love Warrior (HC)

Meltzer, Brad - The First Counsel (HC)

Meltzer, Brad - The Tenth Justice (HC)

Memory Makers - Creative Paper Techniques for Scrapbooks (PB)

Memory Makers - Cutting Edge Photo Cropping for Scrapbooks (PB)

Memory Makers - Outstanding Scrapbook Pages (PB)

Mendelsohn, Daniel - The Lost (PB)

Mercer, Michael W., Ph.D. (PB)

Mercier, L.J.A. - French Pronunciation and Diction (HC)

Meroam, Mattjaeus - Die Schonsten Schlosser Burgen Und Garten (HC)

Michaels, Fern - About Face (HC)

Michaels, Fern - Vegas Heat (HC)

Miller, Jill - Special Effects Scrapbooking (PB)

Miller, Lynn C. - Death of a Department Chair (PB)

Miller, Richard F. - Harvard's Civil War (HC)

Millman, Joan - The Effigy (HC)

Ministerio - TRACTAT pel qual s'establix una Constutucio per a Europa (PB)

Misc Authors - Messages and Papers of the Presidents, (7 out of 10 Vol Set) (HC)

Misc Authors - Texas Merry Go Round (PB)

Misc Authors - Vampire Stories (HC)

Moe, Doug - Alex Jordan; Architect of His Own Dream (PB)

Moliere - Tartufo Y El Enfermo Imaginario (HC) (Spanish)

Monnier, Yves - Val Rahmeh, the history of mankind through plants (PB)

Monsarrat, Nicholas - The Cruel Sea (HC) 

Monson, Nancy - Smart Guide to Boosting Your Energy (PB)

Montaidne, Fen - Reeling In Russia (HC)

Moore, Robin - The Hunt for Bin Laden (HC)

Mordden, Ethan - How Long Has This Been Going On? (PB)

Moreno, Juan - Soljenitsin (PB)

Morgan, Robert J. - The Red Sea Rules (HC)

Morgenstern, Erin - The Night Circus (PB)

Morrell,, David - The Fifth Profession (HC)

Morris, Dick & Eileen McGann - Armageddon (HC)

Morris, Edmund - Dutch: A Memoir of Ronald Regan (HC) 

Morris, George H. - Hunter Seat Equitation (HC)

Morris, James - Coronation Everest (HC)

Morris, Jr. Roy - The Long Pursuit (PB)

Morrison, Toni - Paradise (HC)

Morrone - The Morrone Cooker Care of & Recipes (PB)

Mosby - Mosby's Comprehensive Review of Nursing (HC)

Motley, John Lothrop - The Works of (17 Vol Set) (HC)

Mounder, Samuel - The History of the World (HC) 

Muldoon, Paul - New Selected Poems 1968-1994 (PB)

Muller, Herbert - Freedom in the Western World (HC)

Muller, Wayne - Sabbath; Restoring the Sacred Rhythm of Rest (HC)

Mumm, Debbie - Old-Fashioned Cookies (Spiral-HC)

Murray, Andrew - 199 Treasures of Wisdom on Talking With God (PB)

Naipaul, V.S. - The Mystic Masseur (HC)

Narayan, R.K. - The Financial Expert (PB)

Nasaw, David - The Patriarch (HC)

National Gallery of Art - Johannes Vermeer (PB)

National Geographic (2010) Lot of 10 

National Geographic, Lot of 10 (2009)

National Geographic, Lot of 10 (2010)

National Geographic, Lot of 9 (2008)

National Geographic Exploring the Earth Nov 1988

National Geographic - Road Atlas & Travel Planner (PB)

National Tourism Administration of the PRC - China: The Three Gorges (PB)

Nesbo, Jo - The Leopard (PB)

Netanyahu, Jonathan - Self-Portrait of a Hero, The Letters of (PB)

New Testament - Women’s Devotional Bible (HC)

Newman, Jonie Marie - Theh Best Veggie Burgers on the Planet (PB) 

Newman, Mildred & Bernard Berkowitz - How To Be Awake & Alive (HC)

Niffenegger, Audrey - Her Frearful Symmetry (PB)

Nolan Jr., Harry L. - Airline Without A Pilot (PB) 

Nolan, William F. - The Marble Orchard (HC) 

NTC - New College French and English Dictionary (HC)

Nye, Joseph S., Jr. - Soft Power (HC) 

Oates, Joyce Carol - The Museum of Dr. Moses (HC) 

Oates, Joyce Carol - Uncensored: Views & Reviews (HC) 

O'Connell, Gerald - The Burren A Guide (PB) (1 w/ maps 1 w/out)

Olson, Lynne - Citizens of London (PB)

Ono, Yoshimasa A. - Electroluminescent Displays (HC)

Opera Gallery - Goddesses (PB) 

O'Reilly, Bill - Those Who Trespass (PB)

Orizio, Riccardo - Talk of the Devil (HC)

Orman, Julie - The Courage to be Rich (HC)

Orringer, Julie - The Invisible Bridge (PB)

O'Shaughnessy, Perri - Breach of Promise (PB)

Osteen, Joel - Your Best Life Now Study Guide (PB)

Oxford - The Oxford History of the American People (PB)

Oxford Press - The New English Bible (HC) 

Oz, Amos - The Story Begins (HC) 

Ozick, Cynthia - Art & Ardor (HC) 

Ozment, Steve - A Mighty Fortress (PB)

Paar, Jack - My Saber is Bent (HC)

Padgett, Abigail - Moonbird Boy (HC)

Padilla, Heberto - Heroes are Gazing in my Garden (HC)

Paley, Maggie - Bad Manners (HC)

Palmer, Alan - The Decline & Fall of the Ottoman Empire (HC)

Pandolfini, Bruce - Every Move Must Have a Purpose (Audio)

Pandolfini, Bruce - Chess Openings: Traps and Zaps (PB)

ParaVision - Jeita Grotto, Lebanon (PB) 

Parini, Jay - Bay of Arrows (HC)

Parker, Barbara - Suspicion of Guilt (HC)

Parker, Robert B. - Blue Screen (HC) 

Parker, Robert B. - Double Deuce (HC) 

Parker, Robert B. - Melancholy Baby (HC) 

Parker, Robert B. - Resolution (HC) 

Parker, Robert B. - Sea Change (HC) 

Parker, Robert B. - Sixkill (HC) 

Parker, Robert B. - Debt to Pay (HC) 

Parker, Robert B. - Now & Then (HC)

Parker, Robert B. - The Professional (HC)

Parker, Robert B. - Death in Paradise (HC)

Parker, Robert B. - Family Honor (HC)

Parker, Robert B. - Perish Twice (HC)

Parker, Robert B. - Chance (HC)

Parker, Robert B. - Taming a Sea-Horse (HC)

Parks, Tim - Hell and Back (HC)

Parsley, Rod - Culturally Incorrect The Workbook (Spiral)

Patterson, James - The Big Bad Wolf (HC) (2)

Patterson, James - Beach Road (HC)

Patterson, James - Black Market (HC)

Patterson, James - Cat & Mouse (HC) (2)

Patterson, James - Double Cross (HC) (2)

Patterson, James - Four Blind Mice (HC)

Patterson, James - Gone (HC)

Patterson, James - Judge & Jury (HC)

Patterson, James - The Lake House (HC) (2)

Patterson, James - Hide & Seek (HC)

Patterson, James - Swimsuit (HC) (2)

Patterson, James - See How They Run (HC)

Patterson, James - Run for Your Life (HC)

Patterson, James - Violets Are Blue (HC)

Patterson, James - I, Alex Cross (HC)

Patterson, James - Cross Country (HC)

Patterson, James - Cross Fire (HC)

Patterson, James - Cradle and All (HC)

Patterson, James - Mary Mary (HC)

Patterson, James - Midnight Club (HC)

Patterson, James - London Bridges (HC)

Patterson, James - Honeymoon (HC)

Patterson, James - Alert (PB) (HC)

Patterson, James - Pop Goes The Weasel (HC)

Patterson, James - Princess (PB)

Patterson, James - Sail (HC)

Patterson, James - When the Wind Blows (HC)

Patterson, James - Worst Case (HC)

Patterson, James - The Postcard Killers (HC)

Patterson, James - The Quickie (HC)

Patterson, James - Tick Tock (HC)

Patterson, James - You've Been Warned (HC)

Patterson, James - NYPD Red (HC)

Patterson, James - NYPD Red 2 (HC)

Patterson, James - NYPD Red 3 (HC)

Patterson, James - NYPD Red 4 (HC)

Patterson, James & Howard Roughan - Truth or Die (HC)

Patterson, James & Richard Dilallo - Alex Cross's Trial (HC)

Patterson, Richard North - Silent Witness (HC) (2)

Patterson, Richard North - Eclipse (HC)

Patterson, Richard North - No Safe Place (HC)

Patterson, Richard North - Protect and Defend (HC) (2)

Patterson, Richard North - Eyes of a Child (HC)

Patterson, Richard North - Conviction (HC)

Patterson, Richard North - Exile (HC)

Patterson, Richard North - Dark Lady (HC)

Patterson, Richard North - Balance of Power (HC)

Paul, Sherman - Hart's Bridge (HC)

Payne, David - Back to Wando Passo (PB)

Payne, Robert - The Gold of Troy (HC)

Peal, Norman Vincent - Love, Hope, Gratitude & Peace (Set of 4-HC)

Pearce, Roy Harvey - The Act of the Mind (HC)

Pears, Iain - The Dream of Scipio (HC)

Pearson, Ridley - No Witness (HC)

Peck, M. Scott - Golf and the Spirit (PB)

Pei, Mario - The Story of Language (HC)

Pennwell Books - Glossary of the Petroleum Industry (PB)

People August 2, 1999 (Magazine)

Percheron, Rene - Visiting Mont Saint-Michel (PB)

Perlman, Elliot - Seven Types of Ambiguity (HC)

Perret, Geoffrey - Ulysses S. Grant (HC)

Perrotta, Tom - Little Children (HC)

Perrotta, Tom - The Abstinence Teacher (HC)

Perry, John - Approaches to the Poem - John Oliver Perry (PB)

Perry, Ronald - Denizens (PB)

Perry, Steve - Leonard Nimoy's Primortals Target Earth (HC)

Peters, Harry T. - Currier and Ives; Printmakers to the American People (HC)

Peters, W. Austin - Feathers Preferred (HC)

Petrocelli, Daniel - Triumph of Justice (HC)

Phillip Morris Company - 50 Winning Chili Recipes (Spiral)

Philipson, Morris - Somebody Else's Life (HC)

Phillips, Jayne Anne - Fast Lanes (HC)

Phillips, Kevin - American Dynasty (HC)

Phillips, Peter - Censored 2007 (PB)

Phillips, Peter - Censored 2008 (PB)

Piccirilli, Tom - The Dead Past (HC)

Picoult, Jodi - Perfect Match (PB)

Picoult, Jodi - The Storyteller (PB)

Pieczenik, Steve - Blood Heat (HC)

Pieczenik, Steve R. - The Mind Palace (HC)

Pierre, DBC - Vernon God Little (HC)

Pineda, Cecile - The Love Queen of the Amazon (HC)

Piombo, Akbar Del - Skirts (PB) 

Piombo, Akbar Del - The Fetish Crowd (PB) 

Pira International - Profit Through Innovation (PB)

Pitino, Rick - Success is a Choice (HC)

Pittenger, William - Daring and Suffering (HC)

Pizzetti, Mariella - House Plants (HC)

Plain, Belva - Daybreak (HC)

Plath, Sylvia - The Bell Jar (HC)

Podhoretz, Norman - Making It (HC)

Pollock, J.C. - Goerings List (HC)

Pomeroy, Wardell B. - Girls and Sex (PB)

Ponafidine, Emma Cochran - Russia My Home (HC)

Porter, Dorothy - The Monkey's Mask (HC) (2)

Porter, Melinda Camber - Badlands (HC)

Pose, Francine - A Changed Man (HC)

Post, Emily - The Title Market (PB)

Pottinger, Stanley - The Fourth Procedure (HC)

Pottinger, Stanley - A Slow Burning (HC)

Powys, John Cowper - Suspended Judgments (HC)

Powys, John Cowper - The Meaning of Culture (HC)

Powys, John Cowper - Atlantis (HC)

Powys, John Cowper - Ducdame (HC)

Presidents - Messages and Papers of the (7 out of 10 Vol set)

Preston, Diana - Before the Fallout (HC)

Preston, Douglas - Blasphemy (HC)

Prevention- Everyday Health Tips (HC)

Prevention - High Speed Healing (HC)

Price, Reynolds - The Promise of Rest (HC) (2)

Price, Richard - Clockers (PB)

Price, WIlladene - Gutzon Borglum: The Man Who Carved a Mountain (PB)

Priestley, J.B. and Jacquetta Hawkes - Journey Down A Rainbow (HC)

Prieto, Mariana - Johnny Lost (HC)

Princeton University - The Tiger Inn (HC)

Princeton University - The Tiger Inn 1890-1965 (HC)

Princeton University - The Prince Remembers: One Hundred Years of The Daily Princetonian (HC)

Princeton University - Princeton Architecture (PB) (Signed)

Princeton University - Gifts to Princeton 1974-1975

Princeton University - Library Chronicle Volume LIX . Number 3 . Spring 1998 (PB)

Princeton University - The Princeton University Campus A Guide 2nd Ed (PB)

Princeton University - 35 Year Directory and Progress Report (PB)

Princeton University, The Nassau Club of - Members (PB)

Princeton University - The Nassau Herlad 1938 (HC)

Princeton University - Forty Years A Princetonian 1979 (HC)

Princeton University - '39 and Holding; The 45th Reunion Yearbook (PB)

Pronzini, Bill - Bones (HC)

Pronzini, Bill - Gun in Cheek (HC) Prose, Francine - A Chagned Man (HC)

Proudfoot, W.B - The Origin of Stencil Duplicating (HC) 

Proulx, Annie - The Shipping News (PB)

Proust, Marcel - The Guermantes Way (PB)

Pryor, Cactus - Inside Texas (HC) 

Publications International, Ltd. - Incredibly Easy Chicken (Spiral)

Publications International, Ltd. - Incredibly Easy Chineese (Spiral)

Queiroz, Jose Maria Eca De - La Ilustre Casa De Ramires (HC) (Spanish)

Raban, Sandra - England Under Edward I and Edward II 1259-1327(PB)

Ramos, Manuel - The Last Client of Luis Montez (HC)

Ramsey, Larry and Daniel Haley - Tackling Giants: The Life Story of Berkley Bedell (PB) 

Ramsey, Russell W. - Some Keys to The Vietnam Puzzle (PB)

Raquin, Teresa - Emile Zola (HC) (Spanish)

Ray, Oakley, Ph.D. & Charles Ksir, Ph.D. - Drugs, Society & Human Behavior (PB)

Reader's Digest Magazine- East Smart Lose Weight 

Reader’s Digest - Best Sellers (Francis, Dick- Banker) & (Newman, Daisy-Summer of the Heart) (HC)

Reader's Digest Condensed Books - 1992, Vol 4 (HC)

Reader's Digest Condensed Books - 1993, Vol 4 (HC)

Readers Union - A Volume of Things (HC)

Redburn, Sandy - Another 500 Heartwarming Expressions (PB)

Redburn, Sandy - 500 Mopre Heartwarming Expressions (PB) 

Reed, Robert F. - Web Offset Press Troubles (Binder)

Reeman, Douglas - The Last Raider (HC)

Reeves-Stevens, Judith & Garfield - Star Trek Federation (PB)

Reich, Robert B. - Reason (HC)

Reichs, Kathy - Flash and Bones (HC)

Reichler, Joseph - Baseball's Great Moments (HC)

Reichs, Kathy - Deja Dead (HC)

Reid, Robert - Marie Curie (HC)

Reiss, James - The Breathers (PB)

Reiswig, Gary - Water Boy (HC)

Rendell, Ruth - Kissing the Gunner's Daughter (PB) 

Rendell, Ruth - The Rottweiler (HC)

Reston, Jr., James - Warriors of God (PB)

Reston, Jr., James - The Innocence of Joan Little (HC)

Reuben, Shelly - Spent Matches (HC)

Rey, Henri-Francois - The Mechanical Pianos (HC)

Rhoades, J.D. - Safe and Sound (PB)

Rice, Donald L. - The Agitator; A Schism Anthology (PB) 

Rice, Helen Steiner - Someone Cared (HC)

Rice, Patricia - Must be Magic (PB)

Rice, Patricia - Much Ado About Magic (PB)

Rich, Adrienne - Poems Selected and New 1950-1974 (PB)

Rich, Adrienne - A Wild Patience Has Takem Me This Far (HC)

Richars, Lawrence O. - Bible Reader's Companion (HC)

Richards, Linda L. - The Next EX (PB)

Richter, Ludwig - Das Grosse Hausbuch Der Volks Lieder (HC)

Ridley, Matt - Nature Via Nurture (HC)

Rigsby, David (Edited by) - The Ardis Anthology of New American Poetry (PB)

Rinker, Rosalind - Communicating Love Through Prayer (PB)

Ripley, Alexander - Scarlett (HC) 

Ritt, Michael J., Jr. - A Lifetime of Riches (HC)

Riverview Freewill Baptist Church - The Art of Cooking in St. Albans (Spiral)

Roberts, David - The Holy Land Jerusalem (HC)

Roberts, Elizabeth Madox - Song in the Meadow (HC)

Roberts, Nora - Chesapeake Blue (HC)

Roberts, Nora - High Noon (HC)

Roberts, Nora - Sanctuary (PB)

Roberts, Nora - Three Complete Novels: True Betrayals; Montana Sky; Sanctuary (HC) 

Roberts, Nora - Taming Natasha & Luring A Lady (PB)

Robb, J.D. - Kindred in Death (HC)

Robertson, E. Arnot - The Signpost (HC)

Robinson, Bart - Banff Springs The Story of a Hotel (PB)

Robinson, David - Chaplin, His Life and Art (HC)

Robinson, Henry Morton - Water of Life (HC)

Robinson, Patrick - Nimitz Glass (HC) 

Robinson, Patrick - Kilo Class (HC)

Robinson, Patrick - Kilo Class (PB) (ARC)

Robson, Lucia St. Clair - The Tokaido Road (HC)

Rockwell, Llewellyn H., Jr. - The Irrepressible Rothbard (HC)

Rogers and Hammerstein - Oklahoma (PB)

Roget's Desk Thesaurus (HC)

Roizen, Michael F. - You, The Owner's Manual (HC)

Roizen, Michael F., M.D. - You on a Diet (HC)

Rollins, James - Black Order (HC)

Rollins, James - Blood Line (PB)

Romains, Jules - Verdum (HC)

Romains, Jules - Body's Rapture (HC)

Romanao, Frank & Richard - The GAFT Encyclopedia of Graphic Communications (HC)

Romashko, Sandra - The Shell Book (PB)

Rooney, Mickey - The Search for Sonny Skies (HC)

Roosevelt, Kermit - In The Shadow of the Law (PB)

Roosevelt, Priscilla - Life on the Russian Country Estate (HC)

Rose, David - Guantanamo (HC)

Rosen, Jeffrey - The Supreme Court (HC)

Rosenblum, Joseph - A Reader's Guide to Shakespeare (HC)

Rosenthal, M. L. - The New Poets (HC)

Ross, Alan, Edited by - The London Magazine, June 1963 (PB)

Ross, Alan, Edited by - The London Magazine, Sept 1963 (PB)

Rose, Pete  and Roger Kahn - Pete Rose: My Story (HC)

Rossi, Vinio - Andre Gide; The Evolution of an Aesthetic (HC)

Roth, Geneen - Women Food and God (HC)

Roth, Philip - Goodbye, Columbus (HC)

Roth, Philip - The Ghost Write (HC)

Roth, Philip - The Breast (HC)

Rothwax, Judge Harold J. - Guilty (HC)

Rowlands, Betty - Exhaustive Enquiries (HC)

Rowling, J.K. - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (HC)

Rozakis, Ph.D. - Every Day Spelling (HC)

Roy, Gabrielle - The Tin Flute (HC) 

Rubin, MD, Theodore Isaac - The Angry Book (PB)

Rule, Ann - Green River Running Red (PB)

Ruchdie, Salman - Shalimar the Clown (PB)

Russo, Richard - Nobody's Fool (PB)

Rycus, Mitchell J. - Rub up: Musings of a Navy Corpsman (PB) Signed

Hardcovers, Paperbacks and Audio M-Z


Sachs, Maurice - The Hunt (HC)

Sackville-West, V. - Pepita (HC)

Safier, David - Maldito Karma (HC) Spanish

Saintsbury, George - Loci Critici (HC)

Sale, Charles (Chic) - The Specialist (HC)

Salerno-Sonnenberg, Nadja - Nadja On My Way (HC)

Salinger, Pierre - P.S. (HC)

Salzman, Mark - The Laughing Sutra

Sand, George - A Winter in Mallorca (PB)

Sanders, Lawrence - McNally's Caper (HC)

Sanders, Lawrence - McNally's Dare (HC)

Sanders, Lawrence - McNally's Folly (HC)

Sanders, Lawrence - The Anderson Tapes (HC)

Sandlin, Tim - Sorrow Floats (PB) (ARC)

Sandoz, Mari - Winter Thunder (HC)

Sanford, Gina - Aquarium Owner's Guide (HC)

Sanford, John - Phantom Prey (PB)

Sanford, John - Storm Prey (PB)

Sangster, Jimmy - Foreign Exchange (HC)

Santos-Dumont, Alberto - My Airships (PB)

Saotome, Mitsugi - Aikido and the Harmony of Nature (PB)

Sargent, Pamela & George Zebrowski - Start Trek A fury Scorned (PB)

Sarraute, Nathalie - Portrait of a Man Unknown (HC)

Sarraute, Nathalie - "Fools Say" (HC)

Sassoon, Sigfried - Meredith (HC)

Savage, Michael - Trickle Up Poverty (HC)

Schaefer, Valerie - The Care & Keeping of You (PB)

Scherz, Thomas - Tu mente puede curar (PB)

Schloss, Ezekiel - Ming-Chi'l Clay Figures Reflecting Life in China (PB)

Schulz, Denis W. - The Adventures of Simpson Simon (HC)

Schwartz's, Arthur - New York City Food (HC)

Schwarz, Angelika - Brighten a Senior's Day (PB)

Scottoline, Lisa - Devil's Corner (HC)

Sears, Barry, PhD. - Zone Perfect Meals in Minutes (HC)

Sewell, Sam and Bunne - I fired My Doctors and Saved My Life (PB) Signed

Seymour, Gerald - Kingfisher (HC)

Shafak, Elif - The Flea Palace (PB)

Shaheen, Michael J. - Addie's Way (HC) (Signed)

Shatner, William - Star Trek: Avenger (HC)

Shatner, William - Star Trek: Dark Victory (HC)

Shatner, William - Star Trek Spectre (HC)

Shatner, William - Teklords (HC)

Shakespeare, William - Obras Completas - Plays (Set of 8) (HC) (Spanish)

Shakespeare, William - Henry V (PB)

Shalev, Meir - A Pigeon and a Boy (HC)

Sharp, William J. & Joseph Martin - Wine, How to Develop Your Taste and Get Your Money's Worth (HC)

Shaw, Bernard - The Black Girl in Search of God (PB)

Sheean, Vincent - Dorothy & Red (HC)

Sheldon, Sidney - The Stars Shine Down (HC)

Sheldon, Sidney - The Best Laid Plans (PB)

Sheldon, Sidney - Memories of Midnight (HC)

Sheldon, Sidney - The Sky is Falling (HC)

Shepard, Jeanne - Where the River Meets the Lake (PB)

Shirer, William L. - The Nightmare Years 1930-1940 (HC)

Shoumatoff, Alex - The Rivers Amazon (HC)

Shreve, Anita - Strange Fits of Passion (PB)

Shultz, George P. - Turmoil and Triumph (HC) (2)

Shute, J. Ray - A Song in The Night (HC) Signed

Sidney, Philip - A Defense of Poetry (PB) 

Siekman, Lula - The Book of Shells (PB)

Silberman, Mel - Active Training (HC) 

Silva, Daniel - The Secret Servant (HC)

Silverzweig, Mary Zenorini - Ordinary and Extraordinary Fruits & Vegetables (PB)

Simenon, Georges - Maigret and the Bum (HC)

Simmel, Johannes Mario - The Berlin Connection (PB)

Simon, Claude - Conducting Bodies (HC)

Sinoza, Benedict De - Improvement of the Understanding, Ethic & Correspondence (HC)

Sirota, David - The Uprising (HC)

Sisson, C.H. - English Poetry 1900-1950 An Assessment (HC)

Sjowall, Maj - The Laughing Policeman (PB)

Skloot, Floyd - In the Shadow of Memory (HC)

Skomal, Gregory - Setting Up A Saltwater Aquarium (HC)

Skvorecky, Josef - The Bass Saxophone (HC)

Slater, Mary - The Caribbean Islands (HC)

Slaughter, Guy - Unprotected Witness (HC)

Slaughter, Karin - Faithless (PB)

Sligo - Spanash Armada (PB)

Slimani, Leila - The Perfect Nanny (PB) 

Smith, Charlie - Canaan (HC)

Smith, Rebecca - 24 Days (HC)

Smith, Wilbur - A Sparrow Falls (HC)

Smith, Wilbur - The Angels Weep (PB)

Smithsonian - Sticker Creastions Dinosaurs (PB)

Smithsonian Institute Staff - The Smithsonian Book of Invention (HC) 

Smollett, Tobias - The Works of (6 Vol Set) (HC)

Smythe, Daniel - Robert Frost Speaks (HC) 

Snelling, Lauraine - Wake the Dawn (PB)

Snyder, Gary - Myths & Texts (PB)

Sommers, Suzanne - Slim & Sexy Forever (HC)

Sontag, Susan - In America (PB)

Sorrentino, Gilbert - Aberration of Starlight (HC)

Southern, Terry - Flash and Filigree (HC)

Spark, Muriel - Memento Mori (PB)

Sparks, Nicholas - The Choice (HC) 

Spawforth, Tony - Versailles (PB)

Speaking of Women's Health - A Few of Our Favorite Things (PB)

Speaking of Women's Health - It's The Right Time (PB)

Spence, Jonathan D. - The Chan's Great Continent (HC)

Spence, June - Change Baby (PB)

Spence, Lewis - Druids: Their Origins and Story (HC)

Spenser, Edmund - The Faerie Queen Books 1 and II (PB)

Stafford, William - Smoke's Way (PB)

Stamateas, Bernardo - Heridas Emocionales (PB)

Stanfill, Francesca - Shadows & Light (HC)

Stanford, Miles J. - Pricipals of Spiritual Growth (PB) (LP)

Stanton, Doug - In Harm's Way (HC)

Starr, Paul - Freedom's Power (HC) 

State of Florida Board of Conservation - Florida Geographical Survey #11 (PB)

State of Florida Board of Conservation - Florida Geographical Survey #51 (PB)

Statsky, William P. - Legal Research and Writing (PB)

Steel, Danielle - The Cottage (HC)

Steel, Danielle - Lightning (HC)

Steel, Danielle - Speicial Delivery (HC) (2)

Steel, Danielle - H.R.H. (HC)

Steel, Danielle - Daddy (HC)

Steel, Danielle - The Award (HC)

Steel, Danielle - Sisters (PB)

Steel, Danielle - One Day at a Time (HC)

Steel, Danielle - Impossible (HC)

Steel, Danielle - Granny Dan (HC)

Steel, Danielle - Toxic Bachelors (HC)

Steffen, Jerome O. - The American West New Pespectives, New Dimensions (HC)

Stein, Gertrude - Narration (HC)

St. Gertrude's Outreach Cookbook - Fabulous Favorites (Binder)

Sterns, Kate - Thinking about Margritte (PB) (ARC)

Stevens, Taylor - The Informationist (HC)

Stevenson, Deborah L. - Handbook of Printing Process (HC)

Stevenson, R. Louis - El extrano caso del Dr. Jekyll y Mr. Hyde (HC) Spanish

Steves, Rick - Europe 101 (PB)

Steves, Rick - Europe Through the Back Door (PB)

Steves, Rick - Germany (PB)

Steves, Rick - London 2008 (PB)

Steves, Rick - Snapshot Italy's Cinque Terre (PB)

Steward, H. Leighton - Sugar Busters! (HC-Binder)

Stewart, George R. - Names on the Land (PB)

Stewart, Kristine K. - God Made Me Special (HC)

Stewart, Martha - Arranging Flowers (Magazine)

Steyn, Mark - America Alone (HC)

Stilman, Leon - Russian Verbs of Motion (PB)

Stone, D. Conway - Follow Your Dreams (PB)

Storti - Venice (PB)

Strasser, Steven, Edited by - The 9/11 Investigations (PB)

Straub, Peter - Myster (PB) (ARC)

Strayed, Cheryl - Wild (PB)

Stepan, Steve - Sundown at Dawn (PB)

Strode, Hudson - The Story of Bermuda (HC)

Stromberg, Gary and Jane Merrill - The Harder They Fall (HC)

Stroud, Carstan - Cuba Strait (HC)

Stroug, Jonathan - Ptolemy's Gate (PB)

Stuckey, Maggie - The Houseplant Encyclopedia (HC)

Sully, Katherine - Jesus and his Disciples (PB)

Sully, Katherine - The Baptism of Jesus (PB)

Sully, Katherine - Jonah and the Big Fish (PB)

Sunbeam - 5-Speed Minmaster Hand Mixer Instructions and Recipes (PB)

Suskind, Ron - The Way of the World (HC)

Sussman, Julie & Stephanie Glakas-Tenant - Dare to Repair (PB)

Sussman, Max & Eli Sussman- This a Cookbook (PB)

Swanberg, W.A. - Citizen Hearst (HC)

Swanson, Peter - The Kind Worth Killing (HC)

Swedroe, Larry E. - The Only Guide to A Winning Investment Strategy You'll Ever Need (HC)

Swift, Graham - The Light of Day (HC)

Swindoll, Charles - Hope Again (HC)

Swisher, Kara - There Must Be a Pony in Here Somewhere (HC)

Szolloski, Thomas - The Proving (HC)

Tadie, Jean-Yves - Proust A Life (PB)

Takeyh, Ray - Hidden Iran (HC)

Talbot, David - Brothers (HC)

Tanenbaum, Robert K. - Enemy Within (HC)

Tanous, Peter J. - Investment Gurus (PB)

TAPPI - Useful Methods (PB)

TAPPI -Test Methods 1992-1993 (PB)

TAPPI - Paper Coating Additives (HC) Krane, Robert J.

TAPPI Proceedings Coating Conference 1992 (PB)

TAPPI Proceedings Coating Conference 1999 (PB)

TAPPI Proceedings Coating Conference 1991 (PB)

TAPPI Proceedings Coating Conference 1987 (2) (PB)

TAPPI Proceedings Coating Conference 1990 (PB)

TAPPI Proceedings Coating Conference 1996 (PB)

TAPPI Advanced Coating Fundamentals Symposium 1999 (PB)

Tarkenton, Fran - Murder at the Super Bowl (HC)

Tate, Allen - T.S. Eliot (HC)

Taylor, Jane - Petra (HC)

Terhune, Albert Payson - Real Tales of Real Dogs (HC)

Terman, Douglas - Free Flight (HC)

The Freeman Library - The Freedom Philosophy (PB)

The Harvard Classics - Deluxe Edition (12 Vol Set) (HC)

The Junior League of Missouri - Beyond Parsley (HC) 

The Learning Company - Learn to Speak French (PB)

The National Cash Register Company - Financial Terminology (PB)

The New York Times Magazine Section 6 Insert (Magazine)

The Paris Review #106 1988 (PB)

The Rhinelands Collection - Castles on the Rhine (PB)

Theroux, Alexander - An Adultery (HC)

The Team at the Boston Globe - Last Lion: The Fall and Rise of Ted Kennedy (HC) 

Thiele, Dr. Heinrich Gesslers - Afrodisiacos Y Anafrodisiacos (PB)

Thomas Aquinas College - Bulletin of Information 1987-1989 (PB)

Thomas, Michael M. - Baker's Dozen (HC)

Thomas, Rosanne D. - The Angel Carver (HC) 

Thompson, Bob - Printing Materials (HC)

Thomson, Ian - Primo Levi A Life (HC)

Thomson, Rupert - Soft! (HC)

Thubron, Colin - In Siberia (PB)

Tifft & Jones - The Patriarch: The Rise and Fall of the Bingham Dynasty (HC)

Time - Special Issue Spring 1997 (Magazine)

Time - A History of Our World-Ten Decades Through the Pages of Time-Display Until 2/14/14(Magazine)

Time - Time Great Images of the 20th Century (HC)

Time Life - Time Life Gardening Books (1978 & Earlier) (HC) 

Timsons - The Inside Look at Book Printing (PB)

Toffler, Alvin - The Culture Consumers (HC) 

Toibin, Colm - Mothers and Sons (PB) 

Toland, John - The Great Dirigibles (PB)

Toland, John - Infamy (PB)

Tracy, P.J. - Dead Run (HC) (Signed)

Trigiani, Adraina - Brava, Valentine (HC) 

Trollope, Joanna - Brother and Sister (HC) 

Trudeau, Kevin - Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About (HC)

Trudeau, Noah Andre - Gettysburg; A Testing of Courage (PB)

Tougias, Michael J. - Ten Hours Until Dawn (HC) Signed

Tucker, Terry - Bermuda's Story (HC)

Tullock, John H. - Your First Marine Aquarium (PB)

Turan, Kenneth - Never Coming to a Theater New You (HC)

Turow, Scott - The Laws of Our Fathers (HC)

Turow, Scott - Reversible Erros (HC)

Typobcknn, Ahatonnn - Xpahntenb, orhr (PB) (Russian)

Undset, Sigrid - The Axe (PB)

University of Arizona Record Biennial Catalogue 1955-1956 and 1956-1957 (PB)

University of New Hampshire - The Granite (1994) (HC)

Updegrove, Mark K. - The Last Republicans (HC)

Updike, John - Memories of the Ford Administration (HC)

Uris, Leon - Mitla Pass (HC)

Usborne World Histor Sticker Atlas (PB)

Valery, Anne - Pilages de servietters (PB)

Van Doren Stern, Philip - The Confederate Navy (HC)

Vanzant, Iyanla - No te rindas! (PB)

Vick, Timothy - How to Pick Stocks Like Warren Buffett (HC)

Vidal, Gore - At Home Essays 

Vigan, Delphine de -Dias sin hambre (PB)

Vij, D.R. - Handbook of Electroluminescent Materials (HC)

Vivanco, Luis Felipe - The Escorial (PB)

Voltaire - Candido Y El Ingenuo (HC) (Spanish)

Von Hagen, Victor W. - Realm of the Incas (PB) (2)

Vornholt, John - Star Trek: The Genesis Wave -  Books One & Two (HC)

Vornholt, John - Star Trek: The Genesis Wave Book One (HC)

Vornholt, John - Star Trek: The Genesis Wave Book Three (HC)

Vornholt, John - Star Trek Rogue Saucer

Vygotsky, Lev Semenovich - Thought and Language (PB)

Waagen, Dr. - Treasures in Art in Great Britain & Galleries and Cabinets of Art (Set of 4 Vols) (HC)

Waldman, Ayelet - Love & Treasure (HC) 

Waldman, Paul - Fraud (HC)

Walker, Bill - Camp Stalag (HC) (Signed)

Wallace, Chris - First Lady: A Portrait of Nancy Reagan (HC)

Wall Street Journal - Winter 2008

Walters, Minette - The Dark Room (HC)

Walters, Minette - The Sculptress (PB)

Ware, Ruth - The Woman in Cabin 10 (PB)

Watch Tower Bible - Listening to the Great Teacher (HC)

Watson, Jane Werner - Dinosaurs (HC) 

Watson, Thomas J., Jr. & Peter Petre - Father Son & Co. My Life at IBM and Beyond (HC)

Weintraub, Stanely - The Last Great Victory (HC) 

Welsh, Douglas - The Civil War (HC)

Werner, Alfred - Dufy (Raoul) (PB) (Signed)

Western Michigan University - Reflections 100 (2002-2003) (HC) 

Whalen, Richard J. - The Founding Father (HC)

Wheelock, Arthur K., Jr. - Vermeer (HC)

White, Betty - Here We Go Again (HC) 

White, Randy Wayne - Mangrove Lightning (PB)

White, Stephen - Private Practices (HC)

White, Stephen - Remote Control (HC)

White, William - Sweet Wild World (PB)

Wiesel, Elie - The Judges (PB)

Wilentz, Sean - The Rise of American Democracy (HC) 

Wilkerson, Rich - 10 Discoveries on Your Road to Greatness (PB) 

Wilkinson, J. - Collector’s Library of the Civil War: The Narrative of a Blockade-Runner (HC)

Williams, Niall and Christine Breen - The Luck of the Irish Our Life in County Clare (HC)

Williams, Tom - Surrounded by Thunder (PB)

Williamson, James - Collector’s Library of the Civil War: Mosby’s Rangers (HC)

Wills, Garry - A Necessary Evil (HC)

Wilson, Sylvia & Danny - Puppy Love by Bark Busters (PB)

Winegardner, Mark - The Godfather Returns (HC)

Wise, David and Thomas B. Ross - The Invisible Government (HC)

Wisong, Stuart R. - Angel come Home (PB) (2) (Signed)

Woas, Lee - Self-Steering Without a Windvane (HC)

Wolfe, Tom - A Man in Full (HC) 

Women of Church of God, Cape Coral Florida - Taste & See the Lord is good Cookbook

Wood, June Rae - When Pigs Fly (PB)

Woods, May - Visions of Archadia (HC) (Signed)

Woods, Stuart - Kisser (PB)

Woodward, Bob - The Last of the President's Men (HC)

Woolf, Virginia - Mrs. Dalloway (PB)

Worrall, Jay - Any Approaching Enemy (HC)

Worth, Robert F. - A Rage For Order (HC)

Worthington, Janet Farrar & Ronald Farrar - College Survival Guide (PB)

Write, K.D. - Olympic Bound (PB) (Signed)

Wyden, Peter - Bay of Pigs (HC)

Yeats, W.B. - Selected Poetry (PB)

Young-Bruehl, Elisabeth - Hannah Arendt: For Love of the World (PB)

Young-George - Constantinople (HC)

Yun, Brother - The Heavenly Man (PB)

Zazquez-Figueroa, Alberto - El Mar En Llamas (HC)

Zevin, Gabrielle - The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry (PB)

Zweig, Stephan - Relatos (HC) (Spanish)


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